June 13th Update: Preparation and Item Fix

(Chris Mullins) #1


With a world-wide sporting event on the horizon we thought many of you would like to show off some national pride and support your country of choice, so we’re adding a few shiny things for you to do just that. These items won’t be in the store until tomorrow, but we needed to drop an update to get the content in-game. More info on this will come when the event kicks off, so get in game and earn a few extra Credits. They’ll come in handy.


  • Fixed issue where items filters were all set to off by default so no items showed in inventories

In the previous update we introduced an issue which caused inventory filters to be off by default. This hid items and made many of you feel like they had just disappeared, so we fast-tracked a fix and added it to this update.

(CadGamings) #2

Only countries that actually play?


A Dutchman spotted. :wink:

(D'@athi) #4

Yaaaaaay mooaar skins.
After weeks of seeing them wm-flags, them wm-inflatable-clapthings(whatever they are called), them wm-barbecue-stuff, and whatever they are able to theme in fifa or countries colours, in every single damned store…
it surely will make me forget about about them highpingers, them laggers/warpers/cheaters and that balance on the shitty server. THX SD!

(Oxayotl) #5

What sporting event? Which countries will be available? Will I be able to get some Iranian flag trinket :stuck_out_tongue: ?

(CadGamings) #6

Yes the Iranian flag is in there, not Dutch flag tho :’( Only countries that do compete in the World Cup

(RecordingPlayer) #7

Croatian shiny trinket? c:

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #8

Hurr durr it’s called soccer hurr durr

(Oxayotl) #9

(No nazi tho, just Iran means Land of the Aryan :smile: )

So it’s the football cup? That’s why they call it Footbrawl? Expecting some special mode where we can have fun grenading, rocketing, airplane bombing, satellite-lasering some ball until we score some points :smiley: ?

(Jan S.) #10

That sounds like…something SD isn’t exactly known for doing in DB :smiley: And the game is only 7 MB bigger after the update, so it’s probably just a bunch of trinkets.

…but I’d definitely play that mode :coaly:

(Oxayotl) #11

Yeah, SD is generally keeping the silly in DB confined to the merc banter, and the only different game mod they did afaik was the late execution.
But still! :laughing:

(Begin2018) #12

Don’t forget to fix the bug where Levels aren’t displayed in scoreboard!

(XsnipergirlX) #13

That’s not a bug. That’s an intentional change. The levels showing beside “loadout cards” after that person kills you is a “bug” though.

(Martinocko9) #14

please fix blue mercs

(Puffle Puff III) #15

I might be remembering wrong, but I remember hearing that everyone who leveled up after the June 6th update, would get Advancement Crates for the levels they got. Is this true still?

(Skyboomgaming) #16

dont forget sweden or i be sad

(Begin2018) #17

I know mate, but it’s so stupid to hide levels… It’s some bug in the game designer brain…

(RecordingPlayer) #18

There is

(RecordingPlayer) #19

Cad there is germany


The German flag does not console players from the Netherlands.