June 13th Update: Preparation and Item Fix

(D'@athi) #21

Depends on the sealevel-rise and the year, when you take global-warming into account… takes cover

(TheFancyWaffle) #22


(Mc1412013) #23

Yay another event. When are we going to get an ev is fixed event

(Mc1412013) #24

Now that i got to open the game i officialy could care less about this event. Neither my coyntry(usa) or my wifes country(equador) have flags in this game and im not supporting any other countries teams.

(Oxayotl) #25

Well, does your country have ballsack? Because thanks to Splash Damage there is a ballsack trinket!

[troll]I heard your president has some ballsack that he likes to show to women (porn stars, wives (many), etc…), so you can support that! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: [/troll]

(Mc1412013) #26

President orange arangatang is not a real president. He is a joke and idiot and is a plant to destroy this country by foreign governments. I dont like to get political and this postprobably will get deleted but either way i didnt vote for him nor do i suport him or his fcc chair monkey. Only reason i like president dump is because hes giving the late night talk shows plenty of funny ass content. Just look up on youtube stephen colbert, seth myers or trever noah and 90% of there you tube uploads are poking fun and calling out dump and crews stupidity

(Oxayotl) #27

We are in agreement :slight_smile:

(D'@athi) #28

EDITED: Not the place for a politically charged discussion - DarkangelUK

(Nail) #29

was gonna get the Peruvian flag and try edit a maple leaf into it, but settled for the football to honour my good friend Gord who was a footy fanatic, he bought a satellite system and 65" TV just to watch football

(ThePigVomit) #30

I have zero country actual preference, but I’m picking up the:

Saudi flag (cool green + a mufffugin sword on it, KAWAII!!!)

Moroccan flag (solid red = win)

Aussie flag (Midnight Oil, nuff said)

Swiss (cause everyone likes neutrality in a kill the other team game)

England (well…duh)

Iceland (cause I REALLY want them to win)

Probably a few others just for squats and giggles.

(Oxayotl) #31

The MacGuffin is some “God is the greatest” thingy iirc. Kinda like on the Iranian flag.
But doesn’t the Saudi flag have some sword too? Which is good for a FPS I guess :D.