JESUS-CLAN Unraked Server is still online

(BlueRed) #1

After all the years our unranked is still alive.

Feel free to join up :slight_smile:

(serchy) #2

Is there any chance you could get some people on it with admin rights? Would be much easier to control increasing number of fakes we get nowadays and their out of the box skill.

(almtom1) #3

Thank you mate!


Not to bump this for no reason… real comfy place for evenings. Almost 20/24 at times years later!

(MaxiM) #5

Didn’t have time to actually play, but I have joined yesterday evening (UTC) to see what’s up and it was indeed full of actual players. Will have to pay a visit again ;]

(edxot) #6

Not that everyone can play there.

The admins you appointed, banned my edxot account.
And they keep banning any other account I create.

Was for this that you set them as admins ?


After this post, I created a fake account and joined the server.
There were like 20 people playing. One guy was in spectator (nick: klingon).
DrJekyll was calling a vote to kick him, saying to everyone that it was edxot.

I exposed the thing right away, Too bad, I could have kept quiet and watch what was going to happen, or try to learn what had happened. Because the other guy seemed to cooperate with the accusation, didn’t say a word.

This, to say that some tards are putting a lot of effort in creating false allegations against me.

(DrJ3kyll) #7

Why are you still poking me with a stick? You have no respect for anyone, admins or players. Here you are again posting off topic crap that will probably get this thread locked.

Admins? Can you please delete this post and the one above.

(edxot) #8

Some people really have the nerve. This guy have called dozens if not hundreds of votes to mute and kick me in the recent past.
And apparently he is starting to convince other people, because I am getting lots of F1s on those votes.

I don’t know what I am supposed to do here. I can go on-line and see things like this:

Considering some guys saw me the first time when I was playing for splaterladder, times when I would pause for 2 seconds in from of someone and wait for them to kill me (instead of re spawning and have to talk back or deal with admin bs). Well, some other saw me before that too, when I was playing for kills (like some noobs now do) and know better than that. Just ask around, some guys might still remember.

Or maybe see this other one:

Now what, Am I supposed to fell sorry for this people that live in countries that never had a revolution ?

I already got kicked out of enemy-territory. See detalis here:!/page5

And now the same thing is happening here. And btw, kicking and banning me wont make this problem go away. Today is weekend and I am sure expecting etqw to be total lagged for everyone. And even if I am not on the server, remember this guy was telling everyone that some random spectator was me ? When I was in the server with another fake nick ? (here he was trying to make me believe that he could not track alias, on top of the other thing). And I would love to ear his answer to this, after he admitted in a public game that he hacked my pc.

This, and the other thing, of course. Admins in jesus are the worst ever:
Sharkey kicks me everytime, without any justification.
Flora is just the most dishonest admin I ever seen playing.

(Mustang) #9

Thread cleaned.