I've spent over 150,000 credits for a chance at a ghost load out

(MaceyKeys) #1

and all i’ve gotten is on that i will probably never use.

(Nail) #2

next time for sure

(Outblast) #3

I spent 140,000 credits on the final assult and got nothing. That grinded my gears

(TheWickedsin) #4

I feel your pain, I spent credits and money and managed to get 3 auras, 3 Aimees and 2 Atrys. Two of the Aimees are identical. RNG is broken and I have to say I’m pissed. Not a damn thing I can do with these duplicates or skins I won’t use. Can’t trade them, can’t cash them in for fragments. The sit in my profile useless.

(Guziol) #5

Don’t worry. It took me over 200 cases to get a loadout that i already have in cobalt and don’t really use much anyway.

(Artyrim) #6

I have spent over 300k credits during the final assault event and got just 3 cards(all after 250+ cases )and had already one of them from an another event. The fun thing is that I got 4/5 gold card even though it had less chances .

Now I tried just with 100 cases and still don’t have a case from this ghost event. Is better if I pay 100k for an event case than this random thing 2% of chance

(frostyvampire) #7

I stopped spending credits for now. Seeing how it’s been recently, SD is just trying to make us waste credits so then when they release something (like a new merc or an obsidian, like the obsidian Aura) we will be encouraged to spend real money on it.

So unless they add something you really want, I suggest not spending credits on something that isn’t mercs. I’m not saying I don’t like the skins or don’t want them, but I just don’t want to spend credits and end up being unable to buy Guardian in the first week on release. I won’t get any good cards anyways

RIP Frosty 1932-2017. Died of depression because she had no ghostclip skin

(MaceyKeys) #8

Does anyone know what the average amount of hours is per 1,000 credits?

(MaceyKeys) #9

@Nail said:
next time for sure

that actually made me laugh. Thanks Nail

(Teflon Love) #10

@MaceyKeys said:
Does anyone know what the average amount of hours is per 1,000 credits?

TL;DR: between 18 and 36 minutes unless you skip missions. A bit less if you use credit boosters or regularly top score.

! That depends on a lot of things.
! You can do missions every 3 hours, which give you on average 2250 (=3*750) credits. If you start playing 1 hour before the mission cycle switches and 1 after and actually complete your missions twice, you get about 4500 credits within 2 hours.
! For playing the game, credits per hour partially depend on your performance and of course on your downtime between games. You should be able to make at least 500 credits per hour, maybe a bit more. Throw in credit boosters and this doubles.
! Then you get the daily victory reward of 500 credits and every second day the 1500 daily credits crate.
! So if you play efficiently for 2 hours every day, you get about 4500 from missions, 1000 from playing, 750 from the daily crate (1500 / 2) and 500 for the daily victory, which sums up to 6750 for 2 hours.
! Which means it takes about 18 minutes to earn 1000 credits (1000/3375 * 60) and about 30 hours to get 100,000 credits.
! If you play only 1 mission cycle each day for 3 hours, you get 2250 for missions, 1500 for playing, 750 from daily crate and 500 for daily victory, which sums up to 5000 credits for 3 hours.
! Which means it takes about 36 minutes to earn 1000 credits if you take it slow.
! And if you don’t do missions it will take forever.

(GatoCommodore) #11

i probably spent too much time on buying the equipment case trying to chase the god damned SE/LE loadouts

i feel so burnt out right now

(binderr) #12

all that hard earn cash wen’t to nothing, sad! :’(

(Xenithos) #13

I mean, I dropped almost 400k several months back on the other crafting week to reroll bushwhackers stokers and fletchers, and almost came out with none that I liked.

I think it’s more sad the amount of times that I, in the past, sacked two cobalt cards and 14k credits or whatever just to re-roll a cobalt… And now all I gotta do is throw 50k creds at it. Tsk tsk.

Realistic numbers - 15+ (semi-decent cobalts have died this way, and I currently only have ~11. Fail.

(MaceyKeys) #14

well if i had a few i didnt like that would be one thing, but just one in 150,000 credits???

(ThePigVomit) #15

Just blew 33k…got a second Kira from the last ghost case I’m gonna buy. Probably spent 200k over the event, 2 kira (one good, one meh) and one each of redeye(top), Phoenix (meh), and Rhino(crap)

I’m down to 120k in my stash. Further depletion is coming Wed with the new merc.

(znuund) #16

I also don’t spend anything at the moment. Don’t even know if I got enough for that juicy guardian. I won’t spend actual cash on this game for now.

I am not a huge fan of microtransactions. I was born and raised in the time, where you first bought some magazine to read about the reviews of a specific game, before you buy it in an actual real-life store :slight_smile: It is just not the same to upload cash to the internet.

But the only way I will be paying cash is on a sawbones obsidian.
After that it will feel like I have bought the game and I don’t feel like a thief anymore.

(Xenithos) #17

@znuund Don’t feel like a thief bro. Go buy an “expired” humble bundle key and get rid of your guilt today!

(MaceyKeys) #18

well i just picked up a second one. Sawbonz

(Outblast) #19

After my post in this thread I bought equipment 10 cases and got a SE Thunder and a Cobalt Skyhammer. :smiley:

(emjot) #20

Credit booster active, so far 6 SE cards including 2xAura and 2xSkyhammer, let’s see how it ends and then I can share with you how RNG was(n’t) nice to me this time :slight_smile: