Invalid GUID...

(Panzernoob!) #1

Every time i try to connect to a server with PunkBuster on, i get kicked, and then i get an error message, “You have an invalid GUID and you should try reconnecting” or something like that. Does anybody know how to fix this? The servers that don’t have PunkBuster on are full of cheaters. :eek:

(stealth6) #2

try going to etmain, select you etkey (ctrl-f “etkey”) , cut it and paste it elsewhere.

Then try to connect to a server with punkbuster, it should make you register a new key… problem solved?

if it doesn’t wrk you can always reverse the proces by putting your old key back

(Panzernoob!) #3

Seems like i don’t have the ETkey file any more. I reinstalled ET yesterday, could it have something to do with losing my ETkey? ( It does not make me a new key if i connect to a server with pb)

(stealth6) #4

try starting the game and typing this into console

(Gimpsta) #5

Press the ~ key to bring the console down, then type the command stealth6 mentioned

(cnlben) #6

i got the same problem after a full reinstall on a new OS.
the /pb_cdkeyreg isn’t working anymore, like the auth/reg server is down.
for this problem, it doesn’t come from the client side.
wait and pray for a quick solve from Slash Damage :slight_smile:

(Nail) #7

not Splash Damage, Evenbalance. They own/run punkbuster

[edit] I just checked, no problem with pb server for me

(UJERebel) #8

Always keep a copy of your ET key =D

(cnlben) #9

ok i just tried and i got my etkey in like 0.2s :stuck_out_tongue:
everything is allright now, thanks evenbalance :wink:
:armadillochase: lets kill some nub :smiley:

(Panzernoob!) #10

Ok, i have been playing on a no-pb server for some time, and i tried to connect to a normal server. AND MY COMPUTER ACTUALLY CONNECTED TO THE SERVER! Seems like they have finally generated a new ETkey file for me. Maybe Evenbalance has finally fixed the GUID problem.

(Gimpsta) #11

non-pb servers … shudders