Introducing our C++ tech blog

(Marbles) #1

Greetings from the dev floor!

Our programmers publish an internal tech newsletter which covers coding practices, including more advanced C++ knowledge, and our Senior Core Tech Programmer, Valentin Galea will be sharing some of them over on our blog:

You’ll find the first post ‘Introducing our C++ Tech Blog’ here:

After each post Valentin will be available for a Q&A here, so go ahead and ask your questions :slight_smile:


(FireWorks) #2

Wow, I hope this gets the attention it deserves! Cool stuff guys!

(light_sh4v0r) #3

That’s very cool indeed.
A bit over my head as I don’t know C++ that well, but these types of articles are great whenever you’re looking for a specific solution or optimization.

(Marbles) #4

Thanks FireWorks! We hope you enjoy it.

(Renovatio3d) #5

Thanks for the invitation guys. Very cool :sunglasses:, functions and passing reference is something I struggle with in C++. I love the example I hope to learn more from you guys and share my thoughts as well.

(TheDegra) #6

Great article; I can see this being very useful - I’ve always been warey of std::function due to the allocation overheads and changing footprint per-platform.

You’ve got a memory trample bug with the placement-new - the static_assert should be checking sizeof(Impl<Functor>), which will include the vtable pointer as well as the lambda/fnpointer.

(valentin_galea) #7

Thank you all for the warm reception!

@TheDegra that’s a very astute observation, well spotted! I will incorporate the fix in a series of small changes I plan to do.