Installation error

(CaliberWorkz) #1

Tried installing the game, but this error keeps popping up every time:

Does anyone know how to fix this? any help will be appreciated. :stroggflag:

(Runeforce) #2

I think that is a scratch on your disc. Not much you can do, except replace the disc, or find a virtual replacement.

(CaliberWorkz) #3

If i’ll torrent the game i’ll probably have to update the game to the recent version… will that be possible without installing the game “legally, lol” ? if so, am i gonna have to search the whole internet for updates or will it automatically pop up?
BTW thanks for reminding me that i can download it, i didn’t even thougt of that option. :cool:

(REA987) #4

PC retail version has no copy protection on the disc. You can use your online account or license key with a copy that you can find on Internet. You better download 1.5 update manually which would be way faster than in-game download.