(ASD) #1

is only my server laging like hell?
we have in random time ping packetlosts 3 to 12 seconds!!! and this the 3rd day now
I3D wrote me in ticket they had ddos attack on friday for some short time and it should be good now but its bad as hell!

anyone else?
server location Frankfurt (GER)

(Press E) #2

I had some similar issues playing on a north american one. Would get random ping spikes up to 400. Lot of other people were having the same issue. Haven’t had a problem after that though

(Mc1412013) #3

Yeah they were no help

(Smooth) #4

Have you tried restarting your server?

i3D Community Servers aren’t setup to auto-restart when empty like the public ones were back in the day, there might be issues with the game during very long up-times that weren’t picked up because of this.

(ASD) #5

Hi Smooth,
thanks for reading…
my server is setup for autorestart every day (as without it always ban me Banned from own server )

here is what i3d replyed to me:

It looks like more attacks but unfortunately we cannot verify that right now. If this happens again later today, please let us know so we can investigate while this is going on.

lets see what this evening brings


(ASD) #6

latest update from I3D

We found that an external uplink is being congested due to DDoS attacks moving towards Russia.
These attacks are filling up a route on our network that congests our Frankfurt infrastructure.

(K1X455) #7

Look at our latencies

(ASD) #8

nice ping… buth this this lag we had NO ping

(K1X455) #9

you’re probably not even connected…

If your client PC is connected to the server, you’ll see jitters in the graphline like I do…

In our case, everyone is getting it because the server is choked.