Banned from own server

(ASD) #1

today my own server baned me… just as i try to connect to my empty server…
normaly bans dont hold very long as with the next map they are cleared.
but I have already restarted the server without being able to reconnect.
I opend ticket wirh i3d and I got this interesting reply:

Lastly the ban, in the past week we have received multiple complaints about server owners getting banned on their own servers. We have investigated this but could not find any cause. The logs do show that the player is being unbanned by someone with the admin password but do not show the player getting banned in the first place.

never heared this before… you?
@SD whats going on here?? new bug/hack?


(Mc1412013) #2

If it is something new we got a big problem cuz sd wont fix any more bugs.

Have u tried creating a new profile and trashing the old one???

(Mustang) #3

Na, they just won’t fix insurmountable and low cost-time benefit stuff.

If there are genuine game breaking issues then there are certainly grounds for investigation.

I agree it does sound suspiciously like the old hacks of yesteryear, but more probably just a glitch in the matrix.

Either way unlikely to get any attention over the weekend.

That said, it should be resolvable, at least temporarily, by i3D, so I’d push them to remove the ban, or rebuild the game server.

(K1X455) #4

So if a server admin is banned, how does he unban with admin password?

Care to explain?

(Mc1412013) #5

I cant see them fixing anything db related that would mean taking people off of of money making projects. I hope im wrong i dont want game to die

Worse case senario mqybe cancel there current server a d sign up for a new one with a new password???

(ASD) #6

I gave the pw to trustable person and he unbaned me… not me but he unbaned the 0000 stuff which I always see there… then I was able to connect again

(Mc1412013) #7

Now did he get banned since he logged in as an admin or was it a one time glitch

(ASD) #8

no ban for him … and i got banned right in the moment of connecting. had not the time to open console and login … so to be precise: i wasn’t admin at this time

(B4SSH34D) #9

have the same problem.
is it possible to create a whitlist with the data of those who are excluded from the kick / ban?
the real problem seems to me is the inadequate access to the server.

(ASD) #10

id3 did some testing but they was not able to reproduce

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to reproduce it yet. No players or admins were banned when we were testing the server. We will keep on investigating the issue and will provide you with an update once possible.

and they told me they are in contact with SD

so maybe someone from SD can bring some light into the dark here???


btw this never happend with the multiplay server to me…
was yours multiplay or also i3d?

(ASD) #11

today again…
this time shadowplay worked and I was able to save it

but this time also my friend (who unbanned 000000000000000 last time) was banned after he connected (before he was able to login as admin)
@SD maybe check out with i3d!

to free my self I restarted the server and installed DB on laptop and connected with it to the server. then I was able to unban my friend and also 00000000000000 and then I was able to connect again


(Mc1412013) #12

If it worked on another pc then it seems like something is getting corupted on pc. If it happens again try uninstalling db and remove all traces of db and eac and see if u can log in then. I would like to think that if it was a server issue, than it wouldnt matter what pc u went on it would kick u every pc u went on

(ASD) #13

different PC and different steam account… just to free my self
as also my friend get banned befor i restarted the server and also I3d confirmed i’m not allone with this happening i dont think its my pc who makes different players have the same issue

(jemstar) #14

I was banned once ages ago on our Multiplay server. I put this down to a high ping. And the ban ended after the map was finished. As with all bans on Multiplay and i3d servers bans only last for the map they were incurred on.

In your video it happens while connecting and says kicked not banned. Suggests it was a kick due to ping and a temp ban that happens when kicked due to ping. Would be interesting to open console if it happens again or have a ping meter open on your screen.

But as it happens while first joining I would say it would be that you have a ping limit set and while connecting and the connection is settling down you may exceed the limit although if thats the case then the kick message should state ping limit exceeded but would still suggest that could be whats happening here.

(ASD) #15

my ping is ok… something between 20 and 40 and the limit is with 100
yes it say kicked but later i cant join the server anymore and it shows what I’m banned.

i know bans in DB are somehow broken and last only for the map and are gone with the next map or server restart… the strange thin here… i also restarted bothtimes the server from the i3d website but the ban somehow survived this serverrestarts. so its something different then the “normal” ban…


(ASD) #16

today again :frowning: and this time before i had a chance to insert the admin pw

restarting the server does not help … i’m still banned
need again the laptop to free me…

(jemstar) #17

Yes we have a player that has been banned a few times yesterday and I had to unban for him to rejoin. If it happens again today I will get the logs from I3D.

(Frew) #18

Hi all! To confirm, i3D have reported this directly to the team at SD also. I’m going to look in to this. I’ll hopefully have some answers for you, however it’s not something I’ve seen before so it could take a little time to diagnose.

(Mc1412013) #19

@frew Good to see your in here been over 2 weeks no response to posts thought you guys finaly abandoned us for good

Also not sure if your aware but theres also a glitch where servers get stuck on the same map no matter what map u pick. This is different than the too many maps glitch

(ASD) #20

Hi Frew,

looking forward for your findinds!