How would FACEIT address competitive issues from the past?

(HadronZodiac) #21

not really, i just reworded what you said tbh

(DarkangelUK) #22

So die if you think you’re going to die? Explain pls… uh…

It’s really, really simple… if you can’t commit to a 30 minute game (with me so far? if you can’t physically play for the entire game), then don’t join a game that requires 30 minutes commitment (you know, don’t participate in a thing that requires it, jussayin). See, it’s easy. Plus FACEIT make the rules, you got beef with it then take it up with them, same way if you get banned for quitting, accidental or not, then take it up with them.

It’s extremely unlikely the vast majority will be banned and they will manage to adhere to the rules, hence they will play, the same way it’s extremely unlikely the vast majority will die randomly while living, hence they will… uh… live while not dead, but be alive and living while not dying and dead :sunny:

(HadronZodiac) #23

No i said dont love if u CAN die

You said, Dont play if u CAN leave

anyways whatever we have moved on

(Teflon Love) #24

People with crappy hardware and unstable internet connections are going to get large temp bans quickly?

Sounds great to me. :heart_eyes:

(K1X455) #25

Candy crush is a nice game.

Also Fruit Ninja.

How about Tetris?

(bgyoshi) #26

I dunno what I like more about autokick in DB; the fact that it triggers in Ranked, or the fact that having to run and let my dog out to piss, or let her back in from a piss, is egregious enough to warrant one.

As for what FACEIT will solve? I dunno, I got about as far as FACEIT’s homepage before I determined that it wasn’t worth my time to learn

Third party solutions for games aren’t really my speed I guess.

From the surface?

Seems like match balancing will be a lot more consistent
Seems like partying with friends will be 100x easier
Seems like finding a match will be 100x faster
Seems like moving up and down ranks will feel a lot better
Seems like the ranked communities that already exist on FACEIT will be introduced to DB

So all in all, even if I don’t think FACEIT is worth a shit, it appears to be a solid and helpful move for the game

(Mc1412013) #27

Ive had the game crash and locked out becuase it ended faster than i could reboot my pc and my pc boots in about 1.5 minutes, power outages, holly rollers who are driving your dogs crazy becuase the have to spend 3 minutes waiti g for u to answer and wont leave when u ask them to. Oh and when nature calls out of nowhere u habe no choice but to hit the little mercs room or make a mess

(DarkangelUK) #28

I suggest you don’t play faceit then, you could be banned.

(Teflon Love) #29

Problem solved. :smiling_imp:

(HadronZodiac) #30

mmm banning players for stuff they cant control



If you’re playing a competitive game (it doesn’t have to be Dirty Bomb - any game with a competitive mode), then if you quit or get disconnected from a game, you are putting your team at a disadvantage.

If you know your internet connection has a tendency to drop-out, or your computer has a reputation of blue- screening, then the onus should be on you to fix it before you gamble on the chances of your team in the next match.

(K1X455) #32

Correct. Even if the problem is with your ISP, you have the control to change the ISP for purposes of competitive gaming.

Now please, let’s talk about things like

  • 5man pre-mades against the rest

  • Match server distribution

(Teflon Love) #33

I tried to find out how Faceit handles matchmaking. While there is a developer portal and a publicly documented Data API to get match results and player information, the matchmaking seems to be done with component called Game Studio. To access it you need to apply as game developer (which I’m not).

Anyway, I doubt that Faceit does anything more sophisticated than a variant of the venerable Elo rating with some penalties for premades. Which is what everyone else seems to be doing these days, which ensures that you win about half if your matches and actually have fun in only a small fraction of them. But I’d be glad if someone proves me wrong on this.

(HadronZodiac) #34

I can agree with this, but a lot of the time you think you got it fixed, and out of nowhere the game just crashes/pc just crashes again

No one can really 100% prevent a crash or disconnect, especially since its possible for the server to disconnect you (fault of the server not you)

(Kirays) #35

You should stress test your pc to ensure that everything is fully functional before joining a competitive match then. In regards to the server crashing, I’m sure the devs thought of this already and have implemented measures against it.

(HadronZodiac) #36

Note to self: You need a $9M quantum pc to play ranked

jk, i just think that even if everything is working well (like for mee), its still possible for something to get in the way, and being punished for something that you cant control is unfair. Maybe if it only punished you if you explicitly leaved the match (aka pressed menu) instead of your pc shutting off/internet doing a 180, id be 100% fine with it

(Kirays) #37

That would lead to players intentionally pulling the plug to be able to leave an on-going match while circumventing punishments. Since you can’t prove wherever or not it was done on purpose, the only way to make the overall experience fair for everyone is to hand out punishments either way.

Besides, I assume you will be able to rejoin the match within a certain time frame if you do get disconnected.

(K1X455) #38

Pulling the plug repeatedly? Pretty much like pressing the Hard-Reset button of the PC all the time. Why bother playing then?

Last rank season, I played over 1000 matches. Of the 1000+ matches played, approximately 5% had technical faults either at the server end, in between, or on my end and over 3% of the 5% were recoverable, albeit having team suffering by being short by 1 player. The point is, if it does have misgivings, the frequency of such events should be enough not to exceed a tolerance threshold. If frequent technical faults are occurring, then organisers of the match should look into it.

now consider this:

If all match servers are in Australia / Asia. how would the rest of playing population feel about the fairness of ping distribution in matches? This was my concern in terms of fairness last season. By saying that Australia has very low player population and that we don’t deserve a match server here in Oceana is an outrageous claim to tilt the balance in favour of Asians. I felt I am always shorthanded by way of latency and I don’t feel well rewarded for my effort in playing with the team. More often than most, I was the one doing objective or keeping the team up. This is the sort of balance I’m concerned with FACEIT.


The reconnect time is 5 min. At least in other games that I played with FACEIT it was 5 min.

(K1X455) #40

match pauses that long due to technical failures will make the match un-tolerable.