How would FACEIT address competitive issues from the past?

(K1X455) #1
  • Smurfing or sandbagging for purposes of boosting?
  • Griefers and leavers
  • Technical issues (client side disconnects, etc)
  • 5man pre-mades vs single, 2 and 3 man teams
  • Match server distribution - as far as I can remember, there are no match servers in the southern hemisphere… Majority are in the West and the rest are contending in Singapore.


I’m also curious how we’re going to be rewarded for playing faceit matches, because tbh I can’t see many people bothering if there is no reward.
Oh top of that, are rewards going to be based on wins and losses or actual personal performance? Because that was a big issue with old ranked, losing out on rewards because of a leaver or bad player.

(DarkangelUK) #3

Not sure about the technical parts (team based Elo boosts to tackle stacks etc.) but their griefing/quitter ban info and more is available here. It also accounts for smurfs with a 31 day ban if caught which is nice.

(HadronZodiac) #4

Imo im not a big fan of the long bans for leaving/Inactivity

Some of us have lives…

(I get the long bans for constant afk as obviously you shouldnt be playing if you cant play)

(DarkangelUK) #5

If you have a life then don’t commit to a game you know will take at least 30 mins.


I’ve had my power randomly go out twice while I was playing online games. Another time a family member fainted outside my bedroom during a competitive match and I had to take them to the hospital.
It’s not about “oh my pizza delivery will be here soon but imma play anyways”, it’s that sometimes you have to deal with things completely out of your control, and no amount of punishments are going to stop that, nor is it your fault in the first place.

On top of that, DB is very far from a stable game. Even during old ranked I’ve been randomly disconnected from matches before without even the option to rejoin. And going off Faceit’s banning policy, having that happen twice will get you banned for 2 weeks. Wtf?

No matter how much you punish leavers, you’ll never stop all of them, and after a certain point, you’re only punishing the people who genuinely want to play the game but no longer can due to something completely out of their control. Better to lessen the impact leavers and the like have on your game than to just give excessive punishments, because even with them leavers will continue to ruin matches for everyone else.

(Armuh) #7

Iirc faceit has a global ruling policy so I doubt they would have special rules for DB. I assume you’d be able to rejoin games just like you could in ranked.

If your power keeps going out enough to get you banned for extended periods of time I think you have more dire issues than a ban in a multiplayer game, the other issue obviously is not a common thing so I don’t see how that is an issue.

In terms of rewards you could maybe get a hint from how it works in csgo, if you have a premium account you get points for winning in pugs, or you can play in daily tournaments that give you points regardless of premium account or not. Faceit points can be redeemed through skins in any faceit supported game, so it is possible to gain a large amount of points, buy an expensive csgo skin and then cash that out through a skin website.

(DarkangelUK) #8

Are you saying that fainting family and power outages happen so often you could be banned for extended periods of time? O_O


Not saying there’s anything SD can do about it, just mentioning the issue of heavy punishments in reply to the other comments here.

And no, @DarkangelUK it’s not a common thing to be randomly disconnected several times in a row. But my point is, there’s only so much you can increase punishments before you run out of genuine leavers to punish and instead only punish those very unlucky few players who actually do want to play the game but were disconnected for any reason. As rare as it is, it still happens.

In a fairly unpopular game like DB, being forced to take a 2 week break would likely push someone to find another game to play unless they were already very dedicated to it. In that regard it may as well be a permanent ban.

(Armuh) #10

On the rule page it states a ban from 30mins - 2 weeks, this seems like a similar system that DB and many other games have had in their ranked system so I really don’t see why it would be an issue here, of course you would not get a 2 week ban just for 1 leave or even a few, I’m sure the ban time will escalate based on how many repeat offences you made.

(HadronZodiac) #11

Thats like saying dont live if theres always a possiblity of you dying

not salt^

The thing with the way DB did it was it reset. Aka if you leave one ranked match a day it wont escelate quickly like the way FACEit has it. I get they dont want you leaving, but something so harsh for something with practically infinite reasons makes no sense.

(Armuh) #12

Did it say it wouldn’t reset?


The page says:

If the same infraction occurs more than one time, the next ban you receive will be significantly longer than the previous.

Which I’m assuming means your first ban will be the first number (the 30 minutes), and if it happens again you’ll get the second number (2 weeks). It doesn’t actually say how long it would take for the ban strike to reset, or even that it does at all, but going off the standard practice of one day, having 2 disconnects in that timeframe is still more than possible.

(HadronZodiac) #14

Disconnects and in some cases (for me included) pc crashes

Ive greatly reduced how much my pc crashes (fixed the broken fan) but it still does sometimes for weird reasons

(K1X455) #15

Disconnects and other technical issues are technology based and can be addressed but not yet discussed.

Also, the following points needs to be addressed

  • 5man pre-mades vs single, 2 and 3 man teams

  • Match server distribution - as far as I can remember, there are no match servers in the southern hemisphere… Majority are in the West and the rest are contending in Singapore.

(K1X455) #16

In the Leaving rule:

it precludes the behaviour of abandoning. Abandonment of the match (specifically before end results) should be punishable as well. Right now, players aren’t being punished if losing in a public game; which breeds this behaviour.

This is also akin to match throwing.

Perhaps a 1 month seeding trial run is needed by FACEIT in DB to iron out the kinks.

I reckon this competitive thing won’t go as planned; or if there are plans, Murphy’s laws will prevail.

(SM83 Power Operative ) #17

I personally love their banning policy. I’d say something like that is long overdue.

(Meetrock) #18

I once got kicked kicked from a game with over 20k xp because I had to open the door as I heard the doorbell.

(K1X455) #19

Your door must be 30 seconds away.

If SD count the number of times a player leaves the team because they were losing, the numbers will be so shamefully high, they would do something about it that will further decimate the playing population.

This is actually bad behaviour and you’re either naive to deny it or sufficiently inexperienced to ignorant about it.

(DarkangelUK) #20

That’s an absolutely terrible analogy :smile:

The punishments are perfectly fine to me, they fix a hell of a lot more issues than they cause, yes even the edge cases like fainting family members and the crashing of poorly cooled PC’s are outweighed. Again if you can’t commit to a 30min game and don’t want a temp ban then don’t risk it, if you think you were banned and put on account cooldown in error then log a ticket.