How To Report A Player

(MissMurder) #1

[center]If you are no longer in a match with a hacker, then you can report a player directly to Nexon using this other handy guide![/center]

Report a Player function is still rather new to the game so please bear with us as we continue to improve on it! For now, this is how you report a player in-game:

You can press tab to click the offenders name OR wait till the end of the match (also remember you can use f5 to call for a vote-kick).

Then select the reason you are reporting said person and you may add an optional note/details if you wish.

Then it goes straight to us so we can review it!

Thank you for helping us weed out the naughty players!

(XavienX) #2

Let’s just hope noobs don’t abuse it .-.

(frolicsomeCrane) #3

That’s silly. I had almost an entire team report me for offensive name just because they were salty that I was top of the scoreboard as a level 40.

Literally, one of the guys on the enemy team asked his team “What’s your problem with him?”

(Sinee) #4

They will. Some will, anyway. False hackusations are pretty rampant from people who just can’t believe someone might be better than them.

But, I’m sure SD won’t ban anyone that doesn’t deserve it.

(Merci1ess) #5

Noobs will abuse it, there’s no question about that. What I hope, is that SD’s got their shit sorted out enough so they can tell the difference between rage reports and actual legit reports. Which I’m slightly skeptical about. We’ll see.

(FireWorks) #6

I thought that this falls in the realm of Nexon and their anticheat tool and personal.
But yeah, who works with the reports?

(aSheepamongWolves) #7

Mad because bad, he kills me because a hacker. Report, Report, Report.

(spookify) #8

I got reported (again) today at lunch… I think of it as more of a complement now days.

(spookify) #9

I really wish there was a leader-board of top pubbers, stats and especially RANKS in Ranked MM play!! That way the better players will be known… And maybe even publicly shamed people on the leader board by a red strip and saying BANNED! ha!

(bontsa) #10

Extremely happy for this function, thanks SD & Nexon! I’m curious of the “details” part of the report which can be filled out, what is info that your report- handling team would want to have here? Surely things like time of issue, server, suspect’s Steam ID and such are directly registered by the report function itself, so that leaves simply adding self-evident stuff like what hacks are you suspecting said player to have running? Or should we add something more to make sure these script kiddies won’t carry out boosting their low self-esteem that was shattered by real-life, in virtual enviroments?

(fantasticLava) #11

Is providing video evidence of ingame footage of a hacker still useful with the new reporting function? If so, what is the best way to submit it for investigation?

(Sussepus) #12

I always give a brief explanation of why i report a player so devs knows what to look for.
The last days i’ve encountered two aimbotters. So i write that im reporting him for using aimbot and why i know its aimbot.
The same with the wallhacker i saw on my own team. I just followed him and took notice of what he did. Then i reported him with a brief explanation of what he did.

(MissMurder) #13

It won’t hurt :slight_smile: Here is how to submit:

@coolFortress Like @Sussepus said, it’s helpful to give as much detail as possible for what you suspect the player is doing.

(bontsa) #14

Fantastic, nothing that I’ve missed then. Thanks!

(farcicalMesh) #15

I’m not sure if i got reported, but my keyboard glitched out and only my mouse worked so i couldnt move. And then i killed an enemy coming towards me and he accused me of hacking and apparently he reported me? What is this?..

(mala) #16

1-how your report him while he is waiting at the lobby screen (where is the 1min countdown) before the game starts?
2-lets say, he disconnect while he is playing. Is there a way to track ppl that played with you.
3-If there is some kind of search engine, how you search for ppl with non-latin characters (like πυτσοπνιχτρα! or #$@a!ee7)

(Ardez1) #17

Use this handy guide people!

(Freezer_Boss) #18

@Ardez thanks ! No more report s**tposts

(mpod89) #19

Just now i’m in a match and somebody made everybody move in slow motion, never saw that before Annoying AF

(goldenrodShellfish) #20

What’s with the sudden rise in hackers again?