How to load modified game files an official pak?


Woopsies messed up the title - How to load modified game files AS an official pak?

Until while I get a new key to play online I have gone into modding some **** offline to make the game look simpler yet silky in terms of HUD and the in-game panels and overlays.

I’ve came into a serious problem now I think up how it was made to work; I doubt it was changed much prior to version 1.5 but-but… I got the SDK installed and everything else here I require. Although I know while you go Online the game won’t load anything else other than fonts and text strings if I zip everything, means GUIs files and strings declaration files along into one package, instead it will ignore the changes and reload the official paks thus ignore any edits I have myself committed to do.

In short I am looking on doing some slight interface tweaks and merge this with a language pack I’ve worked on before I quit playing.

Looking at the ETQW documentation, it says

Pure Mode Exclusions

The following is a list of directories and extensions for files which will not mark a pak file as being required for pure if they are loaded.
Path 	Extension
localization 	.lang
localization 	.ogg
generated/ogg/localization 	.ogg
localization 	.wav
localization 	.font
localization 	.cfg 

Yeah, common sense here. Your doomed to have your files downloaded to be used on servers. What if… Was there a workaround to have for example the HUD modified and then used like Official pak so its loaded at startup Online and offline both when you game with bots. To do this I think I’ll have this work as a language pack but with parts of the gui changed to my like, all into one pk4. Would that work?

I don’t want to do these changes on top of the base game to not completely break it, is online-only game after all and pure files are meant to be kept in tact.