How do I get quake wars full game?

(Chryx) #1

How do I download qauke wars full game my gaming laptop don’t use disc to play games I do use steam I wanted to play the full game like wolfestien but it only show’s demo any way i can get the game like trusted buy or download from the splash games?

(tokamak) #2

This is the tragedy of Quake Wars. It’s one of the very last games not to receive a digital release. Well, it briefly was available on Steam:

But then it vanished again. So as the pile of physical copies dwindled and only a few more keys (which still needed the dvd or a pirated copy for an install) were obtainable online, the number of fresh players coming into the community had a hard limit and therefore dwindled.

Last year Activision shut down the login servers so it’s not like you were going to have an enjoyable time getting into this game anyway, right now it’s only really available for the last few hardcore players that play it on custom servers.

It’s a crying shame. It probably would still have small but viable player base if it had remained available on Steam. I for sure would still be hooked on it. But somehow all the stars aligned and Quake Wars fell through the cracks, forgotten by everyone.

(Alea) #3

Join etqw discord for how to play, full server every night, promod everyweek , custom maps every week

(ressected) #4

As Alea mentioned, there still is an active community that hosts regular games … check