[HELP] Unknow error while trying to create/recover online account

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Hello everybody,

First of all, hope you are in good health. Maybe a few of you rebember me, have history with STU and little bit with TAW. Anyway, I installed ETQW yesterday and I can’t create a new account with my key, or getting back my old account. ‘’ Unknow error ‘’
Any ideas my friends ?
Thank’s reading and eventually answering,



Good day and welcome back.

Unfortunately someone flipped the big switch - the servers are offline and by the looks of it they aren’t coming back online.


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Okay, indeed I rode that on oldest topic but I was wondering if it was still the case.
Thank you for answering, hope they will fix that one day.
until there, take care

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Taw servers are online and populated everyday, you need to connect manually or just check etqw discord

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I need to connec manually on the server ? How I do that ?
My problem here, isn’t connecting on servers, but I cant create ( or get back ) an account

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To connect on taw eu server write : connect etqw.taw.net:27735 on your console, tocreate an account you should be able to use your old one if not you can create an offline one amd still play online with it