happy new year everyone

(Qualmi) #1

happy new year everyone. ill wish everyone, especially the sd members, a good and healthy start. may brinkthousand10 begin :smiley:

also i try to not be as bitchy anymore and try to improve in these forums by simply shutting my mouth more often.

happy new year :slight_smile:

(Nail) #2

you really should have put the ’ in I’ll, completely different meaning otherwise. Unless that was your intent, in which case, β€œI wish you an interesting life”


(Qualmi) #3


definitly not intended ^^ i think it was some left over from a sentence i startet before :eek:

(macbeth) #4

happy New Year for all
wishes for ET a lot of new maps

(twt_thunder) #5

happy new year everybody

(Raga) #6

Happy New Year :stroggtapir:

(shagileo) #7

HAPPY NEW YEAR, guys ! :stroggtapir:

I wish you all a good health and best wishes (and also , like said before, many maps for ET) !

(Senyin) #8

Which is dutch for Happy New Year!
To all of you posters and the sexy SD tribe! :smiley:

(Magic) #9

Happy new year everybody.

(Reanimator) #10

A little late but, Have a great new year!

(Wezelkrozum) #11

Happy Newyear to everyone!

(badman) #12

Happy new year guys!

(nukits) #13

Happy new year again :smiley: