Happy 15th

(Nail) #1

Happy birthday Splashies

(NoSoup4U) #2

Seems about the right time to sell the company to a Chinese poultry firm, lol

What will be the next class in Dirty Bomb; a chicken wing?

(Nail) #3

it’s the game makers dream, make game, get awards to finance more games, sell big, buy a new Ferrari ( although I like these)

(_Eclipse_) #4

Thankies! :slight_smile:

(V0ren) #7

Umm, i will indeed miss splash damage, and everyone in it. but if its going to be sold and reworked with a different company, then there is still hope to rebuild the community. just want to play again

(DarkangelUK) #8

Splash Damage aren’t going anywhere, they have other projects on the go.

(V0ren) #9

Didnt mean splash damage, but dirty bomb in particular. Will it be sold?