(Nail) #1

Well, this should be interesting SD and HALO

(DarkangelUK) #2

A sweet gig indeed, very happy for them

(Moobabe) #3

Dammit I was going to post but it slipped my schedule.

We are super excited to work on Halo.

We won’t be able to say too much just yet, but if you want to read more about the announcement you can head here:


That has all the latest information on it!

(rookie1) #4

Halo original PC was my only one of the franchise I playded …was fun but they went on consoles after and I never bought a console and never will…so Good news it’s will back on PC

(Raviolay) #5

On my break on a night shift only to find you landed the MCC gig :slight_smile: So I assume you will you be doing the MP side of things and Ruffian will do the campaign? Halo Reach campaign one player on legendary difficulty has to be hands down, the best single player shooter experience I can remember. Took me over a week to get past the ONI Sword Base, infuriatingly good game design. Don’t know how it will translate to M&K as it would likely be a breeze. Halo purists hated Reaches MP however I have fond memories of it, do you know if the Xbox stats will carry over?

(Mustang) #6

Very exciting, awesome news.

(Nail) #7

Needs XBox Live account ???

(Kirays) #8

Wonderful news. :+1:

(Moobabe) #9

Can’t say anything about our involvement beyond what’s already public knowledge, sadly!

You guys will learn more in the coming months.

(tokamak) #10

ET: Halo Wars when?

(Moobabe) #11

Oh man, can you imagine!?