Halo MCC Beta Signup Now Open

(DarkangelUK) #1

Head to the Halo Waypoint site to sign up for potential Halo: MCC PC beta access and make sure you register for PC flighting (dont need to register for console flighting). Note that an XBox Live account is required, but XBox Live Gold is NOT required at all.

There’s no date for when testing commences, this is simply the registration process at the moment.

(Moobabe) #2

You should all sign up for this! PLAY SOME HALO AND STUFF!

(Loffy) #3


(Nail) #4


(tokamak) #5

Done. Doubt I have the time for it. But yeah. I’ve only played the first Halo and I’m looking forward to revisiting.

(Moobabe) #6

Keep signing up!

I don’t even get to play it yet :frowning:

(Nail) #7

remember to check your junk email, entry confirmation was in reg email, but email confirmation was in junk mail