[Guide] Customizing Most In-Game Text

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Table of Contents

  1. Requirements and Location
  2. Files That You Shouldn’t Change
  3. Things You Should Know Before Modding
  4. Gameplay.int
  5. quickchat.int
  6. ShooterGame.int

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1. Requirements and Location

Before you start your adventure into modifying the game’s localization files, you are going to need Notepad2. Why Notepad2? Why won’t regular Notepad work?



The difference is painfully obvious. You can download Notepad2 from its official site here: http://www.flos-freeware.ch/notepad2.html

The location of the files needed to change the game’s text can be found under this directory:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dirty Bomb\ShooterGame\Localization\INT

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2. Files That You Shouldn’t Change

These files don’t have anything to do with the in-game text as far as I know, and changing them might have unexpected effects. I do not recommend editing these files:

  • Descriptions.int
  • dialogue.int
  • EditorMapTemplates.int
  • Engine.int
  • GFxUI.int
  • PVE.int
  • UnrealED.int

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3. Things You Should Know Before Modding

Note: Files may become overwritten from an update, so I highly suggest that you create backups of the changes you’ve made just in case, otherwise you will lose your changes. Unfortunately, we all learned this the hard way…

I’ve done some modding in my life as well as done some introductory self-studies on computer coding, so I know a thing or two about this kind of stuff. My terminology may not be 100% correct, but if you’re not going to be a coder, just knowing that “this” is different from “that” is all you really need to know for now.

NEVER NEVER NEVER make any changes to any file before creating a copy of the original and saving it somewhere. Before you do anything, make a folder on your desktop called “DB Original Files” or whatever you desire and place the copies of any original files you are going to change into that folder. If something goes wrong, and your changes mess up the game, you can go back to your originals and copy them into the game folder to restore the file back to its original working form.

The information in the files is similar to basic computer programming. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated at all. I’ll show you the basic design of the info so you know what you should and shouldn’t change.

Each section inside the file is separated by a nice little divider line and has a header at the top enclosed inside brackets. Leave these alone. Changing them will either have zero or adverse effects on your game.

Each line that isn’t a spacer or a header is comprised of three sections: the code, the =, and the display text.

The text on the left of the = is the code. Generally, the text here is what the program uses to identify things inside the code. DO NOT CHANGE THESE TEXTS! Changing them will either have zero or adverse effects on your game. It is best to leave them as is.


The text on the right of the = is the display text. In these files, they will always be shown with quotation marks “” around them. Do not remove the quotation marks or else the text may become glitched. The text inside the quotation marks, however, we are going to be changing, as that text is what is shown in your game.

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[u]4. Gameplay.int[/u]

The headers in this file should tell you exactly what each chunk of text is for, and should you need more specification, the display text under the headers should give you a good idea of what you’re looking at. It may also be of use to look at the code names for similar display texts.

There’s usually a pattern to these things to keep things simpler. If you get confused with all the CAPS text, the code names may be of great assistance to you.

The headers in this file are separated into maps and objectives, with the exception of the first 4 headers. Augment (Line 1), AugmentDescription (Line 44), and AugmentSlot (Line 87) for some reason do not change the text on the Main Menu when viewing cards with said augments. Idk why, it just doesn’t.

The Badges header (Line 95) contains old, new, and unused badges. Changes here will only affect the popups at the top of your screen and at the match result badge list, not the tooltips in the Profile -> Badges section. Here’s an example of changing the TRIPLE KILL badge:


Most of the headers after Badges are for specific maps, which I will leave to you to explore and change for yourself. Here are some headers with global changes for all the maps you might enjoy:

  • C4 (Line 195)
  • Carryable (Line 296)
  • Constructible (Line 324) This section also applies to EV repairs, as seen by the screenshot below
  • Escort (Line 502)


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5. quickchat.int

Probably the most straightforward of them all. Changes here affect both the V menu as well as the chat text.


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6. ShooterGame.int

What the goodness. This file has a lot of stuff in it. Let me break it down for you as best as I can.

For the most part, headers with the names of maps contain codes and display texts for the locations on the map, seen under the minimap. Here’s an example where I changed the Attacker’s first spawn on Chapel to “Terrorist Spawn”.


Next up are the Character names and quotes found on Line 153 and 175 respectively. Unfortunately, changing CharacterNames display texts does not change the name in the Main Menu, but you can change their quotes! If you can’t figure out who A_FieldOps_4 is, or anyone else for that matter, check the CharacterNames header.


LoadingScreens (Line 451) will change most of the flavour text on the loading screen as well as the TIP title. Underneath are multiple headers for the names of each map, which you are free to change. I didn’t bother with them because I like them how they are as of right now, so I have no screenshot of it.

SGEngine (Line 669) contains all the tips shown on the loading screens. Do you have enough creativity to change them all to something witty and unique? :slight_smile:

A lot of lines after this contain both unused material as well as chat-related text. You can also find the RECEIVED AMMO and RECEIVED HEALTH popups in here on Lines 847 and 848, respectively.

Line 1093 – 1344 contains most if not all of the text found in the options menu, should you be the kind of person who is interested in changing that kind of text. I’m not touching it, personally.

A lot of stuff after the options is really minute. Change them if you so desire, but they don’t really make that huge of an impact on the game itself.

Here’s a really nice chunk of editable material you may enjoy. You can find all the popup text from getting a kill, assist, neutralize, etc. etc. starting on Line 2066, BUT BE WARNED! Try your best not to mess up the text that says %i or %s as these refer to the numbers next to the text on the popups. I haven’t changed any myself. I’m fine with how it is for now.

And that’s pretty much all the important stuff. Feel free to scroll through the file and make changes to things you find interesting to you.

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That’s all! Have fun modding! You can comment now. Thank you for your patience.

I spent a good 4-5 hours or so making this guide and gathering the needed screenshots. I hope this helps you with personalizing Dirty Bomb.

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Added some more formatting for the titles and a handful of text in the body and also made the Table of Contents interactive so you can quickly jump to any part of the guide.

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Can i marry your guide

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Sorry! I need to keep her as a dependent so I can claim that extra exemption on my taxes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But feel free to share the love! Let other people you know about this guide!

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Awesome work, thanks.
You deserve a badge or something :stuck_out_tongue:


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[quote=“Abbadon;184191”]Awesome work, thanks.
You deserve a badge or something :stuck_out_tongue:


A sticky would be nice.

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God, this… this… I have no words for this! This is the greatest guide ever!

(blufflord) #15

hey there, need some help. I downloaded notepad 2 and extracted it. but when i went to open gameplay.int it the red numbered lines dont come up.

will i just have to read through eveything to find the lines i need?

Also you changed vassilis text in the barracks to that, how do i find the file which contains his text?

(KUST__LunarTM) #16

@BufflordAFK I’m here to help!

It’s possible that you may have gotten a faulty or older copy of Notepad2, and it’s really my fault for not posting the link to its official download page. I’ve put it in the guide now and I’ll put it here for you as well: http://www.flos-freeware.ch/notepad2.html

If you still don’t see the red line numbers when you download from the official site, try editing them youself. While Notepad2 is open, Press Ctrl+F12 to open up the Customize Schemes menu.

Click the Default Text option to open up sub-options, much like a folder.
Click the Margins and Line Numbers sub-option.
From here, you can change the line number’s size and colour. You change the colour by pressing the Fore… button and you can change the size by using the Font… button, but I prefer to just type in the size manually into the text bar.

Hopefully that should solve your problem :slight_smile:

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Yes! thank you so much!
Would it be too much to ask you how u edited vassili’s barrack’s text? to the “ill lay at the bottom of the table” thing.

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@BufflordAFK Sorry, I forgot about that part! In ShooterGame.int, Line 175 is where the character quotes are, but each character is listed with the code name. To find which character the code name refers to, look at Line 153 and below.

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man you are awesome!

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@KUST__LunarTM Let’s bring your points up shall we? :smile:

Awesome guide though. I will be using this. :smiley:
Quick Question: If I change quick chat lines, does it change what other people see in chat?