[Guide] Customizing Most In-Game Text

(KUST__LunarTM) #21

@Xyfurion No, it doesn’t. These files are your localization files, so they only change what is seen client-side for you only. If you wanted other people to see the same things as you, you would have to have them make the same changes to their localization files as well.

(Equanimity) #22

Spent a few hours editing all these files before the patch and they were deleted (even as read only). Had to redo it all last night and this time I’ve got some backups saved. The memes will be had at all costs.

(KUST__LunarTM) #23

Thank you for the info. I’ve updated Section 3’s Note to reflect this.

(OwynTyler) #24

Thx for the guide, I used to to change ability names to shorter ones: http://pastebin.com/RFXTfiB4

worked out great, bumping to let people know that this is still actual and working

  • I couldn’t think of anything else of the text to change, maybe other people have some ideas

(KUST__LunarTM) #25

@Owyn I’m surprised you found this guide. I thought it had been lost to time, especially considering the changes made here will generally be temporary until a game patch.

(OwynTyler) #26

The guide was on the 1st page of the forum lol, not hard to find.

Patches aren’t that frequent and copy-paste changed values back takes less than a minute

(KUST__LunarTM) #27

@Shinywindow @Owyn I would be careful with copy pasting though. Don’t try to copy and paste the entire document or try to paste to specific lines. I’d recommend making a separate document where you list the original text and then the modified text next to it so that should a patch go through, you can use the find and replace function to quickly make changes to the file as you deem necessary.

I would look out for the release of Dockyard and Turtle, as those will undoubtedly change most of the game files and you will have to reapply them.

Just a heads up.