Got my Pfzer shot, Nothing to do with ET but it's General Chat

(RayBan) #1

Did anyone or just me think we did not need a friends reunion. I mean, ok… someone or more needed a cash influx cause of poor choices in pursuing acting opportunities, but as a whole…

Anyways, if an alien invasion starts tonight, do not expect me to point to the sky and scream “Everyone take Cover!!!”

Cause my shoulder hurts and I cannot lift it to point.

BTW, this also works with a tornado on the horizon… I won’t be warning or pointing…

(DarkangelUK) #2

Loads of people have been asking for a Friends reunion for years! I was hoping it’d be a one off feature length actual episode about “where are they now” rather than a get together with the cast to talk about the past, but meh I’ll take it as loved the show.

I had the astrazenica vaccine on Sunday the 16th, I felt like utter crap the next day like the flu combined with a hangover, but was fine the following day… my shoulder is still sore though.