Got banned on TGT

(edxot) #1

Can someone unban me ?

(Pliscin-7) #2


(danuber) #3

surely TGT admins R rational and would love 2 hear ur side of the story. its not like 1 of them wasnt specing when u were causing ppl immediate mass disconnects on sunday.

(edxot) #4

Sunday … I spent all day sleeping.

Played a little, but when the lag started, I tried to connect with different nick (guliver), got immediately kick (again), and didn’t play the rest of the day.

(DrJ3kyll) #5

Jeremiah 2:17

(edxot) #6

Ok, I make you a multiple answer:

  1. Dare you compare your house of cards to the will of the swarm ?
  2. Gods exists. Inferno too.
  3. Aren’t you about to eat your own words ?
  4. Again caught away from your league, silly creature.

(CaliberWorkz) #7

LOL n1 Jekyll :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

(danuber) #8

suddenly my head is filled with samuel el jacksons voice! haaalp!! xD

(edxot) #9

Still no answer on this ?

(Randolf) #10

Lack of answer may be the best answer here. I wish you mucho patience

(edxot) #11

why is that ?

(edxot) #12

Yesterday there were people playing on TGT. Server now requires password.

Looks like some guys inside SD are in the conspiracy against me.

If there is another explanation … just present it.