Generator map SP for RTCW by Kat.

(kat) #101

Cheers guys :smiley:

(W0lfMan) #102

Overall, very good.

For future readers: to get past the metal bars in the sewer, you need to toss a grenade at them.

(agerix) #103

so “funny” retarded “german” names of nazi officers - defect of whole RtCW after terrible weaponsounds.
mapper add jewish names (wtf) as Tidlitz Vinkz, Ziglitz, Schizerhoffen and another pearls.
bequest for all lvl designers - read the german phone book !

(kat) #104

It’s called humor :rolleyes: And why are you even commenting on something like that unless that was some kind of backhanded Anti Semitic ‘observation’? Does a “z” after the name automatically mean the name is Jewish?.

(melc_av) #105

Hello Kat,
I love your’s maps. You think about a new project? …because you told that you have some ideas.
maybe Generator 2… because initial you have seven maps in your project Generator…:smiley:
or other project.
Don’t leave mapping, please.

(kat) #106

Thanks. Projects are being worked on, not to much can be said at the moment though :wink:

(ronboy) #107

That’s good to know. You have, as a mapper, been with Rtcw since the beginning. Your map design skills, especially with terrain, are simply amazing. :smiley:

(kat) #108

Aww */embarressed gush :o


(melc_av) #109

Hi Kat,
Thanks for your,s fast answer. I understand well, that you work something, a new rtcw sp project? If it is so, can you to give us some detailes?

(Mateos) #110

Ten chars.

(DeatH) #111

Any updates Kat? When you going to release the source? Think i last asked you that 4 years ago lol.

(kat) #112

Much of the content is available for use in the PAK files but beyond that it’s unlikely that *.map data itself will be released. And four years… yowsers… don’t realise just how much time can pass with this stuff.

(ronboy) #113

My playthrough of Generator

(kat) #114

Massive Spoiler alert!! lol

(melc_av) #115

Hi kat,
Any news about some new project?

(kat) #116

Won’t be any news for a while I’m afraid… it’s a big project.

(melc_av) #117

Thanks kat

(melc_av) #118

Hello Kat,
Any spoil about your big project.

(kat) #119

Not yet other than to say it’s likely going to be a idtech 4 project (need to be able to compile the source code - don’t have commercial version of Visual Studio for that unfortunately), it’s too big for RtCW without making significant adjustments to source code.

(ronboy) #120

This sounds interesting. Will it be related to Wolfenstein, or World War 2? :slight_smile: