Generator map SP for RTCW by Kat.

(ronboy) #81

Recently I have started my projects with Q3map2, then I go back to Q3map when or if the shader overflow bug occurs.

(kat) #82

It’s best to really stick with one or the other because you can make much larger levels using Q3Map than you can with Q3Map2; that difference has a pretty significant effect on design choices (it’s why this project has been delayed so long).

(kat) #83

OK chaps, Generator is now available for download. Thanks for all the support in wanting to see this one finished. For more info and to download see (you will need to make sure you have the game patch to 1.32 for single player.

For the pk3 includes the models and various assets for use in your mods, you may need to reconstruct the associated shader files to suit what you’re doing though.

(ronboy) #84

I enjoyed helping you with testing this addon, kat. It’s wonderful to see it finally finished! :smiley:

(melc_av) #85

Thank you kat,
Any new RTCW project?

(kat) #86

Cheers ronboy :slight_smile:

melc_av: I’m not sure at the moment… I do have some ideas but we’ll have to see.

(agerix) #87

nice work kat
i killed 50 minutes from my life with playing this BJs adventure
maybe error on end of the lvl - ubersoldaten they dont shoot…
maybe bad idea with “unarmed civilians” …
and zombies ? where are the zombs ? old cemetery without “walking deads” ???

but good work dude

thanks for made it

(kat) #88

Shhhh… that’s a trick to defeating them, they can’t look ‘up’ (or ‘down’ for that matter). In short levels we have to think of ways to slow the player down so the idea with the civi’s is to force the player to think a little before shooting otherwise it’s just a turkey shoot and we might as well just line the AI up against a wall :wink: And yep no zomb’s in this one.

Thanks :smiley:

(Eugeny) #89

have waited

(vicpas) #90

Hello, Kat.
I do the kind words from ronboy, my words.
Great work and it was worth the wait.

(kost3k) #91

Aww, finally! <3

(KeMoN) #92

Visually absolutely stunning! Also your gameplay is really thought through, it appears. Great job with it. Not just linear shoot and run levels.
I’m currently trying to figure the Old Docks level out and it seems I’m stuck with the prisoner. I “freed” him, opened the gate and followed him until he dissapeared. So I figured he’d be free, but I can’t finish the level, because it says I have only completed one out of two objectives and there is no checkmark at the “Free the prisoner” objective. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
Anyway, I LOVE it! Great job on those levels!

(kat) #93

Thanks, with the levels being relatively short, you have to really think about ways to slow the pace otherwise you do end up with run-n-gun like you say. For your problem, if you’ve released the prisoner you should have a NoteBook entry indicating a completed objective (which is needed to finish that level)… is that not showing for you?

@ vicpas: :smiley:

(KeMoN) #94

Nevermind, it works now. I replayed the missions. Looking forward to level 3.

However the prisoner remains in cover in front of the gate/fence/door. Last time he ran past the gate and disappeared around the corner. (If that is of interest for you)

EDIT: Played through. Really nice add-on, kat! And great eye for details! +1

I’d so love to see an ET/Multiplayer port of these.

If you’re interested for debugging purpose or whatever. First time, I went into the prisoner’s cell and then the cutscene came and then he ran out the gate and disappeared behind the corner. The second time I didn’t go into the cell, no cutscene came and the prisoner remained in front of the gate.
Don’t really know, if that is important to you.


(kat) #95

Re: the prisoner. That’s what he should be doing, he sticks around for a bit then leaves when your back is turned :wink:

(ronboy) #96

The prisoner leaves when you enter his cell and trigger the cutscene. :slight_smile:
I found some more bugs, all on the last level:
*The flags are transparent, as you can see on the attached pic.
*Two of the scientists (one in the control room above the generators, and the other working on a generator) are playing an animation of writing on their clipboards after seeing the player.

I did like the changes you made in the script on the last level. The music has more variety now. One suggestion: make the “unarmed civilians” with the ai_civilian, ai_partisan, or ai_American entity, so the “don’t shoot” icon appears when the player aims the crosshair on them.

(kat) #97

Cheers ron… the mod is released now so it won’t undergo any additional changes at this point. Regrading the flags: that’s a long standing problem with the way the engine renders layered transparency so there’s not much we can do about it unfortunately (it’s in the original game).

(ronboy) #98

I’m aware of the transparent flag bug. The original map “swf” had this bug, as well as some custom maps and addons.
By the way, here’s a review of Generator.

(InterruptoR) #99

Great level design, maybe one of the best I’ve seen in the projects for RtCW.
Thank you for your work :slight_smile:

(Loffy) #100

I’m stuck at the beginning of map 2. How do I proceed from the sewer?

EDIT: OK, with some help (KeMoN) I managed to finish the three very professional-looking and fun maps. Great work!