Generator map SP for RTCW by Kat.

(vicpas) #61

Nice to read news about this old project.

(ronboy) #62

That’s great news, kat! It will be a good day when this project is released. :smiley:

(kat) #63

[QUOTE=ronboy;470506]That’s great news, kat! It will be a good day when this project is released. :D[/QUOTE]LOL, tell me about it! Six+ years is a long time to have a lot of work sitting on various hard-drives in an unfinished state!

@vicpas: cheers matey :wink:

(W0lfMan) #64

I’m looking forward to playing this!

(ronboy) #65

Trust me, kat. Your project will be just as appreciated as your past projects, despite the fact that some people from the community are no longer around. You are not wasting your time with Generator. There are many “lurkers” as well as those who post that are interested. :slight_smile:

(kat) #66

I know you guys have been wanting this one done just as much as I have so that’s definitely time well spent! lol :smiley:

(melc_av) #67

Hello Kat,

New news about this project? How many levels? This levels will have secret areas? Is possible that this addon to be release before the end of the year?

Any news will be able to comforting us.

Thanks advance!

(kat) #68

It’s one mod split over three levels and yes, aiming for before end of the year release :wink:

(ronboy) #69

That’s some very promising news! :smiley:

(PuNkReAS*) #70

I can not wait! :slight_smile:

(PuNkReAS*) #71

I can not wait! :slight_smile:

(kat) #72

Part two is done… just got a few things to do in part three now.

(Mateos) #73

Good to have news, thank you! :slight_smile:

(ronboy) #74

Great news, kat. I guess Generator won’t be released until early next year?

(kat) #75

Aiming for January, yes. Might make it too!

(AidenDemon) #76

Yay, dats good! Merry Christmas Kat, thank you for your work.

(ronboy) #77

We hope so! You are the only mapper left from when the days of Rtcw sp mapping began.

(melc_av) #78

Hello Kat,

Any news about this project? it is possible that the generator to be release soon?

(kat) #79

Almost there… the delays are as a result of having to work around limitations due to using Q3Map2 instead of Q3Map.

(vicpas) #80

I used Q3map2, but today i still prefer the old Q3map to compile my works.