Generator map SP for RTCW by Kat.

(ronboy) #41

[QUOTE=kat;362571]Abandoned! Never! ;o)

I’ve been doing some work on this recently, the big issue was getting the level order sorted out in terms of story progression using what’s on the old HDD (which I’ve now just about done). In the meantime I’ve been hacking at the initial levels, still a long way off from any kind of release though.[/QUOTE]

I’m glad to hear this good news. :stroggtapir:

(Eugeny) #42

Very good news!!! :slight_smile:

(Dave1988) #43

Yes, me too. But not only good news about Generator, but fact that Vicpas try to finish and gather “abandoned” maps into one big mappack too. Wouldn´t be bad if you try to create some story in such mappack - if you manage to create such mappack. See you, guys. D.

(DNA) #44

keep doing,you will be winner

(vicpas) #45

Hello, Kat.
One more year is finishing.
Can you provide us at least a beta version or tell us how are you developing your work?

(kat) #46

I might be able to post some shots, but right now that’s pretty much all there is. No beta or anything as of yet as it’s still a long way from being done. I know you guys are dead-keen on this but at the moment ‘real life ™’ has to take priority. The ongoing support is greatly appreciated though, it warms my cockles! :wink:

(vicpas) #47

Thanks for reporting about your progress on your work.
we are waiting…

(kat) #48

Posted a couple more editor shots here… can’t really post much more without revealing too much. Had to d quite a significant amount of restructuring, still doing that on the later levels, trying to use as much old brushwork as possible in ‘new’ ways.

(tzs) #49

Wow. Good maps!

(vicpas) #50

Hello Kat.
You surprise me, I was hoping for a map and you announce a level pack.
Thanks a lot.

(DeatH) #51

Looking very nice indeed!

(ronboy) #52

Very nice kat. Keep up the great work! :cool:

(wolfer22) #53

I’'m Wolfer 22, and i know Vicpas!
I just want to say is that your mods are great, Mages skulls is great!
I hope that you makeing more maps! Because it is ****** nice!

wolfer22 (netherlands)

(Mateos) #54

Then you can tell him all your love through the PM system of these forums instead or bumping a thread which has almost nothing to do with this and do a bump ^^’

(vicpas) #55

Have we any chance to see something released in this year, yet?

(AidenDemon) #56

I hope so. Kat also making high quality mods, i love it and can’t wait.

(kat) #57

Just posting so you guys know the project is still alive… the maps are actually finished (construction and compiling), just now going through them to check all the scripts run without error. Shots here and here (have to link as they’re too big for the forum… sorry about that guys!)

(Mateos) #58

Oh God, very nice level design there _

(ronboy) #59

Nice shots, kat. I can see that this project will be more “realistic” than your past projects, since most of it seems to take place inside a Nazi industrial facility.
I suppose that this will be finished sometime this year? :slight_smile:

(kat) #60

@ ronboy: There is some limited terrain but yes, this mostly takes place indoors. And yes, hopefully this will be released before the end of this year! Script checking shouldn’t take too long and barring any adjustments that’s the target for an absolute final release date.

@ Mateos: thanks :wink: