Games Styles

(rookie1) #1

I remember saying Years ago that cartoonish style was the way to go ,Now I see so much games with that style and Battle royal is the trending .I know there will be much more BR mode.
What I want to say is By the time the game is developped and out the Trending will be out again and the ones that Got something different will have a better chances as ppl will be bored.
A thing( new mb) I would try/explore is making maps in different time lines for the same game .Passing from western…nish to present to far futur

(Mustang) #2

Depends what you mean by “way to go”. Popular? Maybe. A game I’d be interested in? No.
Radical Heights was cartoonish, and that didn’t go so well. :rofl:

Too many games recently have been trying to ride the hype train and relying on fickle streamers to latch on to and/or regurgitating the same thing which should have been a DLC as a full price release.

(rookie1) #3

Fornite ,realm royale… Overwatch …are allcartoonish and popular but trending will past as ppl will get bored of them…Studios need to develop now a new style so it doesnt fall into the "we have enough of these style"when it will go out.For now its like most copy the others games with some alteration