game crashes

(Helljumper) #1

why does my game crash when i try to host a lan game?

(Wils) #2

Not sure - does it crash to desktop or lock-up/freeze/hang?

(Sauron|EFG) #3

Probably need to clean out some custom campaign pk3 files from etmain…

(Chappy) #4

Maybe some more details? Are you running etpro? Does the mapload start but crash once it’s finished? etc. etc.

(Helljumper) #5

the map doesnt load at all . and it kicks me outa of the game. ( to my desktop). and i dont know if im useing et pro

(Helljumper) #6

can any one help???

(Sqwirral) #7

Does it crash-to-desktop when you try hosting on every computer, or are the others OK?

(Helljumper) #8

i dont know i didnt tey it on any others

(Sauron|EFG) #9

Did you try cleaning up etmain like I suggested?

(Helljumper) #10

yeah i do that all the time b/c some times when a map loads on some ones server and it locks up and then. i delet some old maps and it works. buti dont know what to do about this.

(Helljumper) #11

i really need help b/c i need to test my maps

(senator) #12

I had a problem once with the ETPro testbugfixes, I usually start ET via a bat with “+set fs_game etpro” and if ETPro was running (only happened with the testbugfixes, no problem with 3.1.0) I couldn’t host LAN games unless I deactivated ETPro.

(Oxygen - o2) #13

so basicly DONT use ETpro just test it on ETmain the bug fixes shiukd affect ur map

(Helljumper) #14

im not using et pro at lest i dont think so. and how do you turn it on and off?

(xpnsve) #15

I had that problem once, turned out to be my ram

(Helljumper) #16

really? well what did you do to fix it?

(Helljumper) #17

how did you fix it??