Game Crash on Serverjoin possible workaround Windows 7

(falloutdc) #1

After a Windows 7 Update a on my computer I could no longer join any servers. I had a similiar issue in the past and had to remove a certain update or the game would not start.

Now i tried to play another older game and after it would not launch on there forum they suggested to turn of dep “data execution prevention” . Today I tried etqw again and it works again…

data execution prevention
Here is a guide how to disable DEP

(REA987) #2

It sounds like Windows prevents DLL extraction from PK4. Glad you fixed it.

(falloutdc) #3

It worked once and then back to crashing. I had to remove all custom maps and addons now the game works

(REA987) #4

I hope Microsoft doesn’t backport Windows 10 updates to Windows 7 that break custom content for ETQW. I suggest you to reinstall the game is a non-system directory, such as in a separate folder in My Documents. If that doesn’t work, consult ressected about the issue.