Freezes during objective sounds

(St Shadow) #1

Hello everyone,

Recently after almost 4 years of absence I gave ET a try again after playing the game for 10 years.

I have come across a problem I’ve had already in past, and I have no idea how did I solve it back then.

Every time new objective sound is being played I experience sound freeze for 2-3 seconds. When the same Objective sound is up again on the same map there is no more lag. It seems that there is a problem on loading the wav file from hard drive. I’ll add that I don’t have such problems anywhere else.

I have ET running in win7 compatibility mode and as administrator. Multithread Optimization and Vertical Sync on GFX are set to off.

Any clue what might be the cause? Since there are many sounds… cp construction, tank, truck, bridge, flag, 2 minutes left, 5 minutes left etc… it gets really annoying.

Thanks in advance!


(Timothy) #2

For what it’s worth: I have been experiencing the same issue for the last couple of years, but have not been able to solve it yet (with both vanilla Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and ET: Legacy). I believe it became apparent with later Windows versions (namely 7 and 10).