Freedom ETQW community updates (come join us and play!)

(Assassin4004) #1

Play ETQW in 2023!

Since the master authentication server was shut down (with no hope for return) this has made it difficult to run ETQW servers as well as provide a list of servers accessible in-game. Also most computers don’t have a CD drive these days. No worries!

The Freedom community is a large active QW community dedicated to preserving this wonderful game and is inviting everyone to come join and keep this game alive! No registration is required, just come and play! Please join our discord: Our community has built the ETQW Client Manager which updates ETQW for 2023 working around these bugs and limitations, for more information join our discord.

We play vanilla maps on Sunday and custom maps on Tuesday at 9pm EST. Here’s a recent match where we had 26 people playing!

Future updates about the Freedom community will be posted on this thread.

(Assassin4004) #2

Freedom Update 1: Updates to Nightraid

Nightraid is a great map and was created by Mordenkainen. The Freedom community has been playing this map with 20+ players for a while now and there are some things we wanted to change in an attempt to make it better. We have made the following changes:

  • Removed the strogg capturable spawn by the third objective, this made it very difficult for GDF to make it past the destoy objective.
  • Removed the turrets at the destroy objective so that GDF can enter the rock dump easier and to prevent Strogg from attacking from this area with the turret protection.
  • Added new GDF capturable spawn in upper floor of Rock Dump building. This was intended to make completing the hack objective easier as the Strogg used to spawn between the GDF and the hack objective.
  • Updated the capturable spawn for the Strogg in the rockdump building so that it can’t be used during hack objective, but it can still be used in third objective.
  • Moved GDF warehouse spawn by the south silo (this is where the Strogg spawn for the first objective)
  • Updated deploy spots (reducing them, fixing ones that were on the border of a territory preventing them from working). The intent here was to make it so that Strogg can’t place down a ton of turrets for the hack objective.
  • Removed stopwatch logic in script and made the capturable GDF spawn in the town usable during second objective.

Once again, we’d like to shout out our thanks to Mordenkainen for the wonderful map!

(CaliberWorkz) #3

Is there any way to donate?
I do not play anymore, but still have much love for this game :heart:

(Assassin4004) #4

Hi Caliber, yes we have server costs, you could join our discord through the website and we are looking for donations for continuing to run an ETQW game server. It would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

(Assassin4004) #5

Caliber, thank you for your very generous donation! We really appreciate it and will put it towards sustaining this game for the future!

(edxot) #6

Am I still baned ?

(Assassin4004) #7

Hey Edxot, our community was not the one that banned you. Come play with us Sundays/Tuesdays at 9pm EST.

(edxot) #8

And why ?

Map = ???
Mod = ???

Well, this mode name is not completely strange to me. There were 2 servers with that same name 2 or 3 years ago. One in North America and another in Europe.
These servers pretended to be running the vanilla version but it was in fact a different version of the game. It had some changes that I noticed. But the only one I can remember now was enough annoying. The lacerator overheated faster than usual.
For me the only reason for this is the same that a real life friend game me back in 2009 or so: “I don’t like to play strogg because of the weapons”

So, for me this is the same as always. Some people can’t play the game and so they try to change it.

But don’t worry, I will revive this game. But not now, you guys gonna have a few more years of the same sh!tty games over and over again until I feel you had enough pain.

PS: Sorry in advance, but I can’t resist saying this:
Let’s consider the most stupid AI ever, no entry layer, no exit layer, and just a single artificial neuron.
And the bad news are these: even this artificial retarded creature can see if it’s actions are taking him to where he wants to be or in the opposing direction.

(Assassin4004) #9

I’m sorry to hear that! I think you are confused because no other servers are running Darkmod.

(edxot) #10

And why was there the need for yet another mod ?
What is it that you got there that you can’t find in the original vanilla ?

What I want to know is this:
Can I still use my mauiboy key there ?
bind “m” “s_volume_VoIPIn_dB ‘-50’”