Forum change

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awww I enjoyed the headpats :anguished:

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(Teflon Love) #43

The first list with two “1.” automatically increases because that’s how MarkDown handles this case.

It’s pretty useful when you write version managed documentation in MarkDown and items get added to or removed from a list. This way, all list items can keep their “1.” and don’t show up as modified in version management (which would be the case if you had to increase/decrease numbers after list items get added/removed).

(Teflon Love) #44

I don’t like these new forums at all, we have to endure @Nail again. :wink:

(Xenithos) #45

It’s been growing on me man! There’s so much power and functionality in the replies and editors. Yeah, it’s complicated, but for people who REALLY want their bang for their buck this works splendidly.

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Thanks for this awesome and concise description! Just a matter of conflicting versions all being enabled, and yet still working in the end. Thanks again Tef!

(GatoCommodore) #47

we actually need nail because there are people like Hardoncollider dude

(GatoCommodore) #48

i can already see it.
Nail saves the day by annoying whiny kid in the forum

i was already lectured by eox to ignore the kid but now youre here again!
i have never been so glad to see nail

(Xenithos) #50

This guy’s got it figured out. Didn’t know Eox said that, rofl.

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Please stop aggravating a situation that doesn’t exist here, at this moment in time the only person that’s causing issues in this thread is yourself.

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Not liking the 16 posts max a day thing

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Hi all,

maybe a stupid question but how can I send private messages?
I only see all the old messages and could reply to them but how to create new? with maybe ppl I didnt talk before?


(DB Genome editor) #54

Click on your avatar in the top right then the letter icon in the window that pops up. This will bring you to you message box where on the left you should have “New Message” at the top of the left-hand menu:

(ASD) #55

Hi Djiesse,

if it would be such easy I wouldnt ask…

maybe this is because I’m for some reason only have “basic user” rights… I also run yesterday into some limit of creating posts
I’m prity sure that this is not my first day since I’m here since ~2010


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It’s most likely related, these new forums seem to have lost track of how long people had been around the old SD forums or the DB ones. I seem to recall reading somewhere that your privileges should open up after a few days (once it’s clear you’re not a spambot :wink: )

(ASD) #57

I am a spambot :stuck_out_tongue:

(Your worst knifemare.) #58

It’s been more than a few days.


@ASD and @Lord_Coctus I have granted both of you trust level two, posting restrictions shouldn’t affect you anymore. :kiraface:

This can be done to other people as well, by the way. If you are a regular feel free to message me or the other mods, we’ll bump you up if we think it’s appropriate.

(Your worst knifemare.) #60

Kirays to the rescue! :smirkira:

(hawkeyeguy99) #61

Since I don’t have access to messaging yet as I’m still a “basic user” would ya mind bumping me as well when you get the chance?? Thanks you’re a pro. :fraggerlul: