Forum change

(kittz0r) #21

Well i guess i’m the only Person who dislikes the new Design. But it’s mostly because i hate how everything looks like a Mobile Version nowadays.

(emmyekko) #22

Well, even though I’m new to the forums, I gotta say I like this new design. In fact it looks more modern than SD’s current website!

Just add some emotes from the DB Discord and it’ll be great! I need Aimean to lurk around here.


Oh, you mean… like this?

(emmyekko) #24

Sweet! :proxy:

(Mc1412013) #25

How the heck you quote individual people here

(DarkangelUK) #26

Go to preferences and enable Enable quote reply for highlighted text

Scroll to each person you want to quote and highlight their text and click “Quote” above it, and it’ll add each quote to your reply editor.

(HonourBound) #27

:proxy: :aimean:

This is perfect!

(Mc1412013) #28

Ok figured it out. Though reply button did the quoting

(watsyurdeal) #29


(Your worst knifemare.) #30

This is going to take time to get used to.

(xD_ozzie) #31

these new forums looks a lot better

(NHLfan) #32

Why this?

The old forum was so well structured.
This new “modern Design” is so chaotic, I don’t even know where to start!

Why is there the same color everywhere?

My eyes just got Cancer!

It’s the same unsorted, chaotic non-structure like on

I just saw, forums and SD forums are now one. That is good, at least.

(bgyoshi) #33

Gotta agree, everything looks the same and it’s pretty chaotic. I have to go slow just to make sure I don’t miss something!

I do like that I can easily change my display name and image though.

I’ll also forever be amused that my joined date is Feb 13 2017 but I have posts from March 2016. What a god~

(x3onn) #34

Looks good :exedore:

(Begin2018) #35

Meh, it’s ugly and messy.

(n-x) #36

Just FYI the links of those “earned” messages don’t work and when I type on my mobile I can’t see the first 2 lines in the text field as my displayed keyboard is pushing the text field upward, out of side

(Xenithos) #37

So, there are some questions I still haven’t seen asked or answered, if any of them have been please excuse me:

  1. When typing a reply or post, does the right panel/preview simply just preview the end resulting post (such as is useful for bolded words or links?)

  2. How come list item says one in the typing box, but 2. in the preview? Also, how come I have to press the list button everytime instead of being able to hit enter and it automatically have 2. or 3. or whatever continues the current numbered list?

  3. Are signatures done and away with? And the full reputation system? Will we have a post detailing the current system and it’s tiers and how to progress?

  4. :exedore: Not a question, just love that I can link an Exedore emoji.

  5. The “Top” category, are we going to lock all threads and stop showing them after a certain period of time? I noticed that this was a “top” as in “of ALL Time”, and some of them haven’t been posted in since 2016-2017. Also, does Top work by sorting out views, or replies?

Thanks for any and all answers!

(DarkangelUK) #38

Yes it’s a live preview

I tested and it showed ok for me?

Yes signatures and reputation are done away with, personally I think people cared more about earning rep than actually contributing that was on their minds (bar a few), and some people REALLY took that stuff way more serious. This forum is more akin to the SD one, its for discussion and not back patting… again my own opinion there.


I personally just have it listing latest rather than top, not sure if it can be set to weekly top, maybe one for @Maisy to answer, but yeah all time top is a bit pointless

(Xenithos) #39

Here’s an example that hopefully explains it better. Basically numbered list (haven’t checked bulleted list) doesn’t work the same as it used to (you could press enter and the next number appeared)

(Nail) #40

don’t like these new forums at all, the old SD forums were in my opinion, perfect, easy to use easy to follow