Forum change

(blufflord) #1

So is this going to be our new forums forever now? Will the old forums just disappear?

(Judar) #2

This forum looks way better! It’s well designed and feels way comfortable to post stuff there.

(Loffy) #3

Modern! Keep up the good job!


Yes. I imagine both old forums will remain online for some time to redirect users to this one but they will be taken down at some point.

(Jan S.) #5

Great to see SD using Discourse forums! Love the new fancy look!
Just import some emojis from Discord and it’ll be perfect :smile:

(HonourBound) #6

:octopus: We already have the one emoji we need :octopus:

although aimean would be nice to have…

(DarkangelUK) #7

Tis nice having everything in one place rather than spread over 2 locations

(Ptiloui) #8

:open_mouth: Really nice looking. Was kinda lost first because I wasn’t on the Dirty Bomb subforum (seems to be intergated in more general forum).

Two things I just figured out : I have to log in using my mail address instead of my nickname.
And we can see when someone is writing a reply before it is posted.


Hi all! Really glad to have you all on board!

Of course, we’ll welcome all and any feedback you might have - praise and constructive criticism alike.

You’ll probably see things get tweaked and changed over time as we receive feedback and continue to work on improvements and other nice bits.

(coruscate) #10

Not only looking waaay better, it actually works. And i just noticed it updates in real time (while I wrote this Reply someone posted something and I was able to see it)

Great work boys! I can now actually give feedback on here as I was permanently blocked from signing in on the old forum!

(NamelessSeeker) #11

This feels way cooler & appropriate with the timeline of 1.0
really gj with this so far…

(DarkangelUK) #12

Mobile version is also very usable. I also like leaving a tab open and getting notifications of a new reply and a (1) on the tab to show how many, its like all fancy and stuff! Also for anyone wondering click the cog at the top right for creating polls etc.


Wow, copy/paste images straight from clipboard works, amazing!

(geekybaking) #13

Also, this:

(ryven) #14

Seems like all ever banned spam is now once again available! :smiley:


Any spam from the old forums that managed to sneak through the cracks may have hitched a ride during our import. (Sorry about that)

If you come across spam, old or new, let us know about it by using the :white_flag: button on the post. Please do not misuse this feature, though.

(UX/UI Designer) #16

Nice work web guys and marketing! Looks incredible

(Mc1412013) #17

Rip hard earned rep points

(DarkangelUK) #18

Please, tell me more about how you lost all of your ‘hard earned rep’ from over a couple years :aimean:

(Mc1412013) #19

I dont see them all the likes dislikes lol ect no sig

(Popey) #20

I’m loving the new forums due to this :smiley: