Fireteam Creation Guide (Use Voice Chat!)

(BigBiker05) #21

Yes, that seems right. I haven’t played in the autoconfig too much. Been doing all my changes nearly exclusively in the console.

(BigBiker05) #22

Defaults are still -6 in today’s patch.

(Shredow) #23

Problem is. You still can’t start a party with friends and search for a match on the console. Which is what people want to do. You still have to filter through people until spots open up.

(IceBrazuca) #24

Splash Damage needs to add the option to make FireTeam on PC before we enter the server.

(Silver.7) #25

so is voip volume controlled by these two and setting them from -6 default to 0
s_volume_voipin_db = 0
s_volume_voipout_db = 0

is this a client fix that is done through console or autoconfig

is there any way this can be server side, will these commands work on a server and make voip set to 0 for everyone joining the server ?

because that would be great !


Updated thread for better readability, accuracy, and to add the Voip Volume Level Fix method…

(Silver.7) #27

I entered these two commands into client console and voip was louder, its a fix !
s_volume_voipin_db 0
s_volume_voipout_db 0

So splashdamage, please put this in the next patch to make default 0 instead of -6 for everyone and then voip will work !


[QUOTE=Silver.7;305364]I entered these two commands into client console and voip was louder, its a fix !
s_volume_voipin_db 0
s_volume_voipout_db 0

So splashdamage, please put this in the next patch to make default 0 instead of -6 for everyone and then voip will work ![/QUOTE]

I hope this is what they plan to do… because even if you fix it on your end, other players still complain about you being soft because their VOIPIN setting is still -6…

This definitely needs to be fixed…

Another thing, how in the hell did this slip into the FINAL GAME? I cant imagine there was a SD Dev secretly thinking to himself,

"I hate Teamwork! All of my fellow employees make such a big deal about “TEAMWORK”, and they don’t understand how awesome it is to be a lone wolf! I know what I’ll Sabotage the VOIP volume levels so NO ONE WILL CHAT!!! AHAHAHAHAJH! Evil Cackle "


i think the most important issue is fixing these default levels… because even with fireteams making voip work in more servers, the levels prevent any communications…

(BigBiker05) #30

Well it is an easy enough fix it must have just been something that slipped between the cracks. I can not think of a single reason they would release those two lines like that unless they were completely unaware of it. I got this up top on the brink reddit and as well as in several threads on these forums. I would bet good money this will be changed in the next patch.

(Velijah) #31

Nice post, i confirm it works.


(General_Zod) #32

Does anyone know servers that actually have voip enabled? I’ve only come across one but didn’t take down the ip.

(Decayed) #33

our server has it enabled, but we have hijacking on during the day, usually it becomes a normal server during prime time around the afternoon.
If you see it #/16 then it is set up for stopwatch advanced, otherwise it is hijacked.

(General_Zod) #34

Cool. hopefully I ping there ok. But what’s hijacking?

(oO Para oo) #35

On 360 it’s bloody pointless a right mess

(neg0ne) #36

thx for your infos.

but still… as FT are so importent, why isn´t there a descent FT - menue like in Et/ETQW.?

(Decayed) #37

I just took this out of the server guide cause I think it explains it pretty well.

Server Hijacking
Like some other FPS games (e.g. Left4Dead) Brink allows players to play through the story Campaign and other modes in Co-Op on a dedicated server. Obviously most server admins will choose to setup their servers for the regular multiplayer modes (Objective and Stopwatch) but they may still want to offer their server to others, when it’s not in use, to play Co-Op on.
‘Server Hijacking’ is our solution to this issue. Servers flagged with the cvar net_allowServerHijacking 1 (on by default) can be borrowed by players who are using matchmaking under the following circumstances:

  • net_allowServerHijacking needs to be set to 1
  • The server needs to be empty
    If these conditions are met then when players are matchmaking into the game it will try to place them on a hijackable server and will replace the server’s settings with the default
    config that the player matching in requested. These settings will remain on the server until all clients leave the session, at this point it will automatically restore the settings and config that was originally on the server.
    If the server admin wishes to use his server whilst it is being hijacked he is free to kick the players from the server and this will restore his settings 30 seconds afterwards.
    Obviously, if the admin does not wish server hijacking to be enabled then net_allowServerHijacking should be turned to 0.

(jfunk) #38

Thanks for this. Game will be 100X better with functional voice.

Now if only I had actually seen more than 1 or 2 other players with a headset icon anywhere in my playing so far. Where are all the people with headsets? Are they just not turning them on because they assume it’s broken? I’m literally almost always the only player with it showing when I join any server.

(Decayed) #39

Well a lot of people use external voip, if you want to jump on ours you’re more than welcome to. We try to advertise our ts3 server on our brink server too, but for now there is no motd so it’s only advertised when we are on.

(Velijah) #40

For EU players, I confirm our server is VOIP enabled too. FF is ON. Stopwatch mode.
You can use our mumble also if you like.