Execution mode feedback

(ZGToRRent) #1

So, there is still no topic regarding execution mode and prototype map with 2 names (Canal, Overground).

I played 4 matches and the words I said before test are correct:
“As long as there is no revive limitation, this game mode is pointless.”

Each team has 1 or 2 enginners and others are medics. People know that it’s the best draft to win each round.
Gameplay speed and merc abilities makes execution boring, repetitive and slow.
The round time is huge for this type of gamemode, people are camping, people are healing because there are 3 minutes to do something.
Map is too big, I understand know, why we have 7v7 test, however there are some good trickjumps and one strange roof where it’s not possible to jump(Where attackers are pushing from right side).

So, as a little summary to make this mode better:

  • Smaller round time
  • Smaller bomb countdown
  • Smaller map
  • Revive limitation
  • Merc restrictions

(yakcyll) #2

Yeah, let’s make this the main thread for feedback until the actual sub-forum appears.

  1. Decouple clock HUD elements; by default the objective description, ready up counter and game clock are in separate elements, but for this mode they appear to be all tied together under ready up counter.
  2. Voice callouts are wonky after death.
  3. There’s a few invisible walls in place, primarily above foliage; I’d personally love to have them replaced with fences or something, to make it clear you can’t trickjump above them.

Will update with more as I go.

All in all, the mode is really unintuitive right now, which is kinda paradoxical considering it was supposed to be a trampoline between CS and DB. At least for pubs it’s impossible to keep it tactical - you rely on your single life and thus can’t really do much alone. Add people camping hallways and chokepoints indefinitely and suddenly the match feels stale and hopeless, even more so than stopwatch in which the front line usually moves most of the time. It may be the map layout, but I couldn’t personally find a good flow for anything. That being said, I feel like there can be some fun in it in organized play; unless you figure out something I can’t think of, I feel that pub execution will devolve into pure gun game sooner or later.

(Thai-San) #3

Dirty Bombs Sniper headshot mechanic was rediculous is the first place. But now, in a gamemode without respawn it’s just madness. 3-5 Vassilis per team (atk AND def). You go around a corner: BAM! Have fun waiting for the next round.
But when I kill someone with a headshot he can be revived by everyone?

On top of that:
I loved Dirty Bomb because it didn’t go the usual FPS way with all the standart fps modes. But now they added THAT?
Whats next? TDM? DM? KC?
Closed beta and already downhill…

(Sorry, but I’m kinda angry…)

(Glot) #4

pace of the fights and speed of the mercs are conflicting with the camping-nature of the life-per-round. and also the fact that only fragger can play 1v2 or 1v3 realy limits the merc choice, and medic-spam makes it even worse.
but mostly limiting factor is life-per-round nature. defs are camping and even attackers are camping. i saw this many many times in many many games before.

this game mode is not for me.

map is very very nice though. i realy liked the layout and fighting-areas. hope that this map will appear in stopwatch mode.

(ZGToRRent) #5

Regarding roof

Anyone tried to jump? I always failed.

(Guilte) #6

My feedback:
Make a gamemode thats actually suited for the game
ex: Doc Runs or CTF

(DadoPeja) #7

This mode is not really for this kind of game where u have so many diferent HP mercs ( Fragger the most), gib headshots and medics that can revive ! If we wanted S&D we would play CS, if this is new kind of game then make something new! I tryed it not a fan … And also i thought u are gonna add Execution servers and not replace the old ones with those ( 10 servers are replaced with execution)… U gaved alot of keys but didn’t add more servers .

(mOist) #8

You can get killed in the underground tunnel from skyhammers air strike above it.
If you die underground at the bottom of the stairs your player falls under the floor (Reviveable but un-gibable)

That aside i enjoyed it , was alot more fun than i expected and didnt have much issues with revive spam (Done 10ish Games in 4 Different Servers)

(TitaniumTeddyBear) #9

I pretty much disagree with everything that’s been said in this thread :#

I was in a team that tried to go heavy medic and they got murdered by Naders and Skyhammers.

I think the round time is perfect. It’s just enough time to cautiously approach an objective and plant, with the defending team still having enough time to try and counter attack.

I havn’t seen a single team where Vassili made a difference, the mode is too fast and too dynamic.

Bushwhackers…well that’s another story.

Also, a lot of the problems people are experiencing are resolved if the team just chooses to stick together.

Yes, I know this is pub, but if enough people get the memo that this mode is designed for attacking teams that stay in a group then I don’t see a problem.

Anyway, that’s just my experience after a couple of matches.

It might just be too soon to tell.

(Wolven) #10

I’m loving this game mode. To me the pace of the game is just right, it’s very fast and you need to really work as a team to win. I hope this game mode stays and that it will be further developed and improved.

I also like the map alot and it feels just the right size for the mode with team sizes from 5 to 7.

(eXchance9) #11

@ToRRent yes, eZ pZ :smiley: just jump across from another roof. Press shift+ctrl+space :smiley: and you will get there in no time :wink:

(Wolven) #12

[quote=“ToRRent;16977”]Regarding roof

Anyone tried to jump? I always failed.[/quote]

I managed to do it a few times, so it is possible, but it’s not easy. Here’s a clip of the jump performed with Proxy.

(Glot) #13

I think that in order to avoid Fraggers+Medics teams (most OP, and most boring imho). and to try to benefit from mercs-system this mode needs drafting (no double mercs in any of the teams)

(eXchance9) #14

@Wolven there is an easier way :smiley: on the left side in your video there is a garage. Go on the stairs and on the garage. Then just do a long jump shift+ctrl+space and thats it :smiley:

(bustlingOrchid) #15


Am i only one who is thinking the map is heavily white and gray color? i just feel like fighting at limbo

(bustlingOrchid) #16

i gave my opinion about this mode. unfortunately they didnt want to approve it. if u dont want to see +/- feedbacks about ur new mode. why did u insist us to share our opinions¿

weird staff…

(Wolven) #17

Haha, yes I know. :wink: But that doesn’t look as stylish do to. B) I agree though, running up on the garage and jumping across is a better way to get up there.

(DomMafia) #18


Am i only one who is thinking the map is heavily white and gray color? i just feel like fighting at limbo [/quote]

[quote=“bustlingOrchid;17055”]i gave my opinion about this mode. unfortunately they didnt want to approve it. if u dont want to see +/- feedbacks about ur new mode. why did u insist us to share our opinions¿

weird staff…[/quote]

Huh? where did they NOT approve your feedback? Also the color of the map is explained very well in the news post. It is A PROTOTYPE map, unfinished, untextured. So we can test it early before they do all the texturing, final touches, etc.

(ch3w0nth1s) #19

I don’t think the game mode fits with the class/merc system that’s in place right now. I am a fan of stopwatch rather than s&d game play but I am OK with it existing if it brings more players into the game. And with a wooping 30 viewers on twitch when you are previewing a new mode… You are going to need some way to market to new players.

There is a huge issue if you want s&d game mode then there should be 1 bomb for the attacking team. If everyone can plant at any time it removes a lot of the strategy. This allows floating points that the defensive team has to defend or the attacking team has to retrieve or kill all the defenders (where the player that died with the bomb is located.) It changes up the game play drastically. I’m not sure why this wasn’t put in place. You see this in a lot of competitive games that use s&d like Call of Duty and CS. If you want to siphon off some of their players with this mode you might have to adapt to the 1 bomb format.

To sum my experience up: Copying and pasting classes/mercs won’t fit into a completely different game mode without needing a lot of changes. For example, taking classes from Enemy territory and putting them in a s&d style game mode would probably work as well as Brink turned out.

(intricateWorkshop) #20

i never play execution modes on any games i find it rather lack luster and not exciting/boring and usually a mode for freaks and tryhards where those that have played this game longer with higher tier loadouts win its always the same for every game with this mode after prototype still probably not gonna play