ETQW Map Pack - 2009 Edition

(Scrupus) #1

To celebrate the creation of SD’s new ETQW forum :stroggbanana:, I have compiled a zip including most of the custom maps created for ETQW so far - the 2009 collectors edition! :oppressor:

Download link (note - it’s 920MB, but fast network North Europe):

Minor campaign patch (removed a couple of maps from the bot camp that didn’t support bots, and rearranged rotations slightly).

How to use:

[li]Download zip
[/li][li]Unzip it into the /base directory of your etqw user or save path
[/li][li]Load ETQW
[/li][li]Select Play Computer
[/li][li]Select Game Mode
[/li][li]Select a map or campaign
[/li][li]Press Play and have fun!
[/li][li](Note: when you press Play, the client will restart - this is normal, so don’t panic but let it load and the map should start automatically)

Maps included in this pack:


Campaigns included in this pack:

[li]Custom All Maps - most (24!) of the maps in one big campaign
[/li][li]Custom Small Maps - 6 maps for small teams (infantery)
[/li][li]Custom Medium Maps - 6 maps for medium teams (mostly infantery)
[/li][li]Custom Big Maps - 6 maps for big teams (vehicle maps)
[/li][li]Custom Special Maps - 6 special maps like flyer-only, baserace, etc
[/li][li]Custom Bot Maps - maps with bot support


This pack includes most of the ETQW maps released so far from 2008 to 2009, with some exceptions (mainly some small/duel maps, which I currently don’t have on server, and some pre-alpha maps)

A few of the maps in the pack are not included in the campaign pk4, or any of the campaigns (mainly the CTF maps).

If you play single maps (not campaigns), the client will restart for every map change. This is a side effect of the pure system in etqw engine. You can avoid the restarts by always loading a custom campaign first, as this will “purify” all the maps referenced by the campaign file.This is also the best way to load a custom server, and will let you vote in single maps without restarts.

Some of the maps include megatextures. The megatextures are included, but will not be installed automatically with vanilla etqw. But if you install one of the mods with megatexture extraction support (eg. ETQWPro or QWTA) and load it first, the mods will extract the megatextures automatically. It is also possible to install/extract the megatextures manually, more instructions on that later if needed.

If the map terrain is black when playing, it is either caused by missing megatexture, or too low resolution setting. Try changing resolution to normal if you’re sure the megatexture is installed properly.

This pack is basically a clone of a current nirvana server setup where we usually download maps ingame, so I haven’t tried a clean install of the zip itself. I’m pretty sure the zip should be ok, but if you spot any problems - let me know asap!

That’s it - please enjoy the wonderful world of ETQW custom mapping, and have fun!

:armadillochase: :stroggbanana: :hog:

(.Chris.) #2

Good stuff there, shame there isn’t more maps :frowning:

(SebaSOFT) #3

Good stuff indeed, could you provide detail on wich map for each campaign?

(Scrupus) #4

SebaSOFT: I noticed a few (minor) issues in the rotation setup that would be good to fix, so I’ll rater post the full campaign details when a new campaign pk4 is ready. It’s the same campaigns that was recently posted in the main Nirvana thread, so if you go to the official forums you can check it there in the mean time. Now wait a moment … :o

Chris: It’s not a lot of maps (yet), but with some creative statistic jiggling we can turn that into a good thing: the amount of custom maps pr. custom player in ETQW is probably MUCH higher than in most other games, so cheers for that! :tongue:

(.Chris.) #5

BTW, got copy of the text for the nirvana thread from old forum’s saved anywhere? Need the information here I think also

(Aristotle) #6

You could try putting the old link into the Way Back Machine to see if you get anything there.

(Scrupus) #7

I think Vio posted a link to a cache version of the thread in one of the other threads here, but it was quite slow to read it there. But we can probably search up the more intereting stuff there if needed. I’m considering to start spamming with a new Nirvana thread here, but I’ll give the AV monkeys deadline to saturday to fix - if the old forums is not up by then, I’ll probably start up a new one… :infiltrator:

Aristole: Good suggestion, but it looks like webmachine don’t provide the last 6 months - only the older stuff :frowning:

(Susefreak) #8

Google cache gives some recent activity.

(-iWi-) #9

yep, downloading right now :wink:

(eymys) #10

sorry guys how to install megetextures

(Donnovan) #11

This pack is old.

Your internet is fast? You can try to run the game and connect to the server so you can download current map versions. Also it will download ETQWPro mod, and then you can use it to play the maps. This mod (ETQWPro) will extract the megatexture from the PK4 file for each map/campaign played (so you dont need to do that manualy).

(Ashog) #12

The newer package of custom maps can be downloaded here:

(Violator) #13

viomine_b3 > b2 :wink: I will upload estate_c2 tonight as well.

(.Chris.) #14

Just download from the server during the week or so, then you wil have all the updated maps, I would suggest delete what you have now and start again using the auto download method, ET:QW can get bit broken sometimes when have conflicting map versions.

(Violator) #15

It is annoying that QW seems to have about 10 different folders and you have to hunt down and wipe traces of stuff from all of them before you get a new version, not so bad for pk4s as the newer version by convention will have a ‘later’ filename, but is a pain for megatextures where the name never changes.

(muraqqi) #16

Hello Everybody, i download this mappacks from this link

and it seems some maps didn’t have a megatexture (like wake island), how to fix this?

(.Chris.) #17

Need to run the maps through ETQW Pro or QW:TA mod which extracts the megatextures from the pk4 to where they belong.

(SebaSOFT) #18

Would be nice to have a NIRVANA or 2012 edition

(Ashog) #19

we will make Nirvana pack as soon as ATW3 and Arcis get fixed

(Donnovan) #20

What is wrong with Arcis?

There is other atw3 errors other than the ones fixed by Chris new script release?