ETQW - Limited Special Edition

(jACKp) #1

In October 2007, the Limited Edition of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars was released. This edition contained, among others, a bag. I am looking for information on how this bag looked exactly. Does anyone of you have this bag or some photos of it?
I would like to know if there was one version of the bag or a few depending on the region of issue.

Below is a link to my ET: QW collection:

(REA987) #2

2017 or 2007?

(jACKp) #3

Of course my mistake, not 2017 a 2007.

(REA987) #4

It looks like there were series of events for Xbox 360 version that offered ETQW swag bag in some point. Though, I couldn’t find how it looks.

Your collection seems glorious by the way. The Makron would be proud! :smiley:

(Moobabe) #5

Hmm, I wonder if we have any of these still around.

I haven’t seen any, though everything else in the photo looks familiar…

(REA987) #6

Here are some worldwide packaging images from MobyGames;

Still no info regarding the bag. It looks like @jACKP managed to get his hands on German preorder box sold by MediaMarkt which is a rarity on its own, impressive. Actually, I’m more interested in Direct2Drive and/or Gamesload’s digital releases that I found even the file names as well as old official download URLs which are already broken and no one seems to have them any longer…