ETQW Beta 1

(REA987) #1

Hey all,

As far as I know, demo version and the Beta 2 version are pretty much the same; both feature only Valley map. As I recently learned, Beta 1 features Sewer map. Is Beta 1 still functional online? If yes, is there any place to download Beta 1 client and server for both Windows and Linux?

Thanks, regards. :penguin:

(_Megabyte) #2

Nail, do you have ZeniMax boss tel. number? Folk wants Beta 1 !

(Nail) #3

Lack-o-vision may have hung on to that one somehow, but either way the area code is 666

(_Megabyte) #4

Nail, did you noticed, when installing ETQW from DVD shows publisher Activision, when installing update 1.0 - 1.5 publisher id Software. So, there are several owners of the game.

(Nail) #5

nope, just Zenimax/Bethesda they own ALL id Software titles

(_Megabyte) #6

Publisher of updates is usually owner of the game.

(Nail) #7

yes, but the publisher has changed, along with ownership of the title, Zenimax bought id Software and all of it’s properties. That would be all the titles from Commander Keen forward