Etqw alive?

(SkyBlues) #1

Hello, i would like to play again that awesome game and i wonder if there is a way to get etqw free or i have to buy it again from amazon?

Is it possible to play with win10 or is a problem?

(REA987) #2

Hey there,

Yeah, ETQW is still alive and being played in the evenings of EU and NA regions. Here is the server list that you can find a populated server;

Moreover, twice a week, TAW clan organizes public clan events to play custom and vanilla maps.

If you already have a license code and/or online account, you can still use it with new installations. In case of having license code and/or online account but not having installation DVD, I can help you. If you don’t have a license code and/or online account, you can get the game from Amazon or eBay around 5 bucks; just make sure it is shipped with manual which has license code on it. Just send me a PM for Windows 10 fixes.

(CaliberWorkz) #3

lol fabio did you lose your key? :frowning_face: PM me if you need something ill do my best

(SkyBlues) #4

Broooo, i have it in italy but i moved anyway i already ordered a new copy hahah​:joy::sweat_smile:

(SkyBlues) #5

Caliber, do u still play?

(CaliberWorkz) #6

maybe once or twice a month so i’m rusty :frowning_face: