ET: QW; possibility of it coming back to steam?

(TheMisled) #1

I recently booted up my install of ET: QW on my pc to play it again and revel in its glorious-ness when a though struck me; perhaps I should try to get my friends to play it with me. So I hop on my TS server and ask them to which they decline because its not on steam which raises the question, would you guys at splash damage ever consider putting the game back on steam or is that not a possibility (I am aware that some licence changes occurred in the past which could prove problematic). I know quite a few people who are very interested in this sort of game but won’t get it due to either it only really being available as a disc or they simply can’t find any copies.

(Nail) #2

No, there is virtually no possibility of it coming back to Steam, but if you check in the ET:QW forum section, you’ll see there are ways to play and servers to play on

(Runeforce) #3

And as far as I know, it’s because the anti-cheat has not been updated since a couple of years after the games release and is considered a serious security liability.

(REA987) #4

The game was never owned by Splash Damage; in 2011, its rights were transferred to Bethesda/ZeniMax which removed the game from Steam shortly after. Here is why the game wouldn’t be re-released on Steam: