ET DARK PHX: Preview, bugreport, critical and suggestion post.

(--Phoenix--) #1

Hi Guys!
The ET Dark PHX map is almost ready to be released…
Below is a quick description “step by step” of the map and its objectives.

1: First Allied spawn point.
2: First Axis spawn point.
A: Start Tank position.
3: Second Allied spawn point
4: Second Axis Spawn point.
AH: Health and Ammo Cabinet.
b: Tank Barrier position.
mg: MG42 Tower
5: Third Allied Spawn point.
6: Third Axis Spawn point.
c: Command Post Center with Limited number of Allied Spawn point.
d: Bridge.
e: Final Tank position.
f: Crypt Gate.
x: Crypt Access
y: Heinrich Tomb(underground).

HARD 1 and HARD 2 are the critical areas for Allied Team.
MEDIUM area is intended as a medium level of difficulty for the Allies Team.

NO MINES AREAS In these areas players can not use landmines.

Moreover each Allied Spawn Areas are protected from Spawn kill especially by heavy weapons like artillery or panzerfaust.


Steal a Tank!
When allies will have repaired the Tank and will be entered in the tunnel will begin the second step. Both teams will be respawn in the next spawn points, (3 allies, 4 axis).

Escort the Tank to its final position.(e) and clear the crypt gate obstruction. Before it , Allies must destroy the bridge to prevent the arrival of more enemy troops from the nearby wolfentein base.

Allied Team and Axis Team spawns on their last spawn points.( 5 allies, 6 axis).
Allies must destroy the seal of the crypt(x) to access underground area where there is the Heinrich’ tomb.



There will be a delay in the release of the map. Unfortunately I have to abandon the ET Dark Map project for lack of free time, I sent all project to R3B3L that will finish and will relase the ET Dark Map on the next days. I’m sure that this map, regardless of the objectives, will be appreciated by most of the old RTCW and ET players that finally will Rivire beautiful nostalgics moments. ;(

(WuTangH) #2

Screenshots look really great! Cant wait to test it :smiley:

(Teuthis) #3

Agreed, pics looking awesome. I like the blending. Good work. Night maps are my favorite :slight_smile:

(Magic) #4

Looking forward to have a go - screenshots looks good - i like the atmosphere.

(Mateos) #5

Nothing to add to others; Just a question about Spawn 4 (Axis second one): does it have several exits?

(--Phoenix--) #6

No, all axis spawns have one exit only.

(._R3b3L_.) #7

The ET Dark PHX map is available here:

It’s a Beta, we can change everything you want!
Enjoy! :wink:

(macbeth) #8

a link for the waypoints ?


(--Phoenix--) #9

unfortunately having created this map in order to play it on lan only and I never thought to create way point .
Unfortunately at this moment I do not have free time , the last time I did some way points was in 2012 , before creating waypoints should learn again how do it. :frowning:

(macbeth) #10

i will ask on their omnibots site but they are not so much active :frowning: and will ask aswell the web awesome guys )


(--Phoenix--) #11

Anyway when I have a little free time I’ll try to refresh my mindful about waypoints! ^^ I Hope You like ET Dark map.

(macbeth) #12

yes will do a try tomorrow w/o the waypoints
we have a post on our site how to make waypoints , web gangsta gave me the youtube links

will like myself to learn about that, i have enough free times for ET

(--Phoenix--) #13

Perfect, i Will See in this days! Thank You! :wink:

(macbeth) #14

just tested it , is really a great new map

if u can move a lil the cp for a next release :stuck_out_tongue:

UJE NIEK mades waypoints yesterday

this map remember me the old RTCW and ET times

good job Guys and nice to know than somes are still mapping for ET our old game we still play

(macbeth) #15

well we tested the maps disfferent times this afternoon

1 /the tank is a bit low but i know we can add a map script “moverscale” i did it for other maps sometimes but we had tank s problems moving for other maps with tank in the rotation

2/ the fog + dark is a bit annoying and the script for fog is for ET pro right? or via map script on load, or LUA ? ( for the fogs lines in the pk3 )

3/ cp :think that Cp once built needs a bit more cover and maybe move this cp

4/dont saw any health and ammos cab

5/ the axis spawn times is to fast ( this can be fixed easily with a script right?

the waypoints we used need to be reworked a lil :d

when cp is built the allies bots still respawn at the first spawn

(--Phoenix--) #16

Thank you for your feedback!

  1. Tank speed: I agree, the tank is a bit slow but its not a problem! Which mod did you use?
    For example in NoQuarter Mod 1.1.1 you can edit the existing map script and copy it into the “mapscripts” folder inside the mod folder.
    I do not know all the mod, in recent years I always used NoQuarter and I don’t know if other mod exists the same opportunity.
    In any case in the next version i will increase the tank speed. (100 is current speed).

  2. Fog: I probably did not understand about what I did wonder about the fog.
    Fog is an important feature of this map, the original dark map was beautiful because of its “dark and foggy atmosphere”, the dark map without the fog would no longer be dark! ^^
    In the next release i will increase the overall light, actually you’re right, the current version is very Dark.
    The fog settings are inside sky shader and into map worldspawn. I suppose you can’t change the fog values without recompiling the map.(im not sure 100% about it).

  3. CP: The command post is in any case protected against heavy weapons (artillery, panzer).
    Where do you advise me to put it?
    CP Respawn: When the CP is built respawn is NOT automatic, to respanw in the CP the players must click on the CP flagspawn using the limbo menu.
    The CP spawn points are limited number, all others spawn have 30 points while the CP spawn are only 16 points.
    Anyway we can set automatic spawn on the next relase. ^^

  4. Health and Ammo cabinet: They are inside the first small house near tank barrier.

  5. Axis Respawn Time: I agree! You can easily fix it through a scripts.
    For example in Noquarter Mod exists the possibility to create the map config (et_dark_phx_b_2.cfg) where you can change the respawn times or whatever you want.
    The map config must be placed inside folder called “mapConfigs”.

  6. Waypoint: I will update the waypoints in the next days.

Thank you again for your feedback, any suggestion is always welcome!

(macbeth) #17

we run silent mod and yes for all mods we can made a script from what i remember
will give you more feedbacks later today

(twt_thunder) #18

Very nice map indeed, dont think I have seen this quality and atmosphere in ages!

just found a minor bug with some foliage coming thru one of the trucks wheels…

Great work!

(macbeth) #19

Phoenix script added

" script Tank speed and autospawn on CP allies. Try it for test the dark map, if the bridge object will be hard again : the bridge object will be changed in the next relase. Put this script inside silent mapscript folder. "

(Magic) #20

Tested the map local - a good and atmospheric map - will try to catch it online for a game