Enemy Territory: Quake Wars fixes, workarounds and tweaks

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For a long time, I have been compiling various fixes, workarounds and tweaks for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars in PCGamingWiki. As I committed few last additions, I feel comfortable to share the page with all of you. Following page includes fixes, workarounds and tweaks for common ETQW issues such as,

  • Unable to play online
  • Unlocking framerate
  • Enabling Alt+Tab
  • Proper fullscreen
  • PunkBuster
  • Black terrain
  • Changing localization
  • Windows 10 issues
  • Linux issues
  • Mac issues

and many more… Feel free to check, share and contribute!

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ETQW Custom Maps and Mods Windows 10 CRASH
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Looks great, good timing as well as i’m planning to get back into ETQW soon.

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Cool! TAW EU Vanilla server is populated in the evenings of Europe. TAW clan continues to have custom + vanilla map events with Tourney mod twice a week on Sunday and Tuesday nights in EU and NA regions.