Enable PunkBuster

(mentaMan) #1

Hi all

I was playing ET before a long time, never thought it was still on, anyway i am trying to access some servers that require PunkBuster to be enabled, i’ve tried adding ETpro mod and enable pb but it seem’s like nothing happens and i can’t connect to the servers that require pb…
it seems to me like only the servers with pb aren’t full with BOT’s and i’d really like to play with real players.

thanks all

(Nerwitz) #2

Can you be tad bit more detailed as to game-version? Is it ETLegacy, is it the usual 2.60b patched client u have, and OS you attempting run da game?

(mentaMan) #3


my game version is ETLegacy 2.75 (i’ve downloaded the latest version from the site) and the os is Windows 10

(Spyhawk) #4

ET:Legacy is not compatible with the ET Pro mod. See Compatible Mods. The issue is on the ETPro side, and we’re unable to fix it.

(mentaMan) #5

but it seems to me that all servers with real players require enabling PunkBuster, what can i do to fix that?

(Nerwitz) #6

Revert back to normal 2.60b client, may suggest you Harlekins PB-ready pack for less clicking madness. Nothing else be done about it until devs settle an anti-cheat system. U_U