Edxot server crushing fixed

(Pliscin-7) #1

Hello everybody we found a solution to edxot crushing every server. In this we need to work as a community and one person failing will destroy everything so i really beg you to listen to the following steps so we can enjoy the game again.

Dissected of TAW did an amazing thing for all of us. He created an EU server with a password. What we have to do now is make sure that edxot has NO possible way to get it EVER. So how do we do it. I persoanlly will take care that every normal player has the password so everybody still has the chance of gettting it. If you want it just add me ingame: Pliscin-7 or pm me here in this forum. Only thing i ask from you is: DONT POST THE PASSWORD IN PUBLIC CHAT EVER. We know edxot has a background of creating fake nicks. Dont get tricked and think ahh its just an player i know for years and then give our little secret away. Also only give the password to people you ALREADY have in your friendslist for the same reason.

We as a community have to work together here. Put down all the hate towards each other and work together so we finally have a chance to play this game again. We wont let edxot destroy the game. When we work together we have the power we gotta use it together!!

Thanks to everybody


(DrJ3kyll) #2

Thanks Dissected, TAW, Pliscin-7 and anyone else who helped make this happen.

(Pliscin-7) #3

Your welcome but this would not be possible without the community so again a huge thank you for everybody who participated today and will in the futur.

Just a little update for everybody:

it worked great today we had over 30 playing and having a blast again enjoying a lag free game. If we stick together it can be like this every day. So keep up the good work!

I just want to repeat if anyone needs the password pls add me or write me and dont give it to someone who just added you!

Sad that we had to come up with this solution but as long as it works i take it i hope you also will!

(edxot) #4

This could work even better if you only play there, and leave other servers.

From my point of view it solves 2 problems at once:

  • Someone from TAW lagging everyone in the server.
  • Pliscin doing his mass disconnect thing.
    (not completely sure, but since everyone else is taking guesses, suppose I can say what I believe too)

PS: I thought it was Jekyll doing the mass lag thing. But after 3 separate members from TAW came talk to me, in separate occasions, to ask me what I think about this … And nobody else did that … except them …

(edxot) #5

Got the perfect name for your server:


Btw, I have not abandoned the idea that it was jekyll doing the mass lag. Anyway, someone was, and it looks like everyone is ready to stop trying to figure out who was doing it.

(DrJ3kyll) #6

Which Jekyll? rJekyll or ekyll. It’s hard to keep up with all your nicks.

It looks like the community have decided who was causing the lag.

(edxot) #7

Even more if you add those who aren’t me. Because that’s what you do, right ? Add more.

You are just jealous, because there is no conspiracy against you.

(CaliberWorkz) #8

If you say it wasn’t you, why didn’t you join the game with your main account Edxot and prove to us that you’re innocent?

  1. You’re guilty
  2. You’re just ****ing retarded

(edxot) #9

I think you are either confused or trying to confuse others. Because this talk is probably related to something I said in some other thread.

Btw, edxot account is banned on Jesus and TGT.

Anyway, I am not guilty of anything, but I can be as “****ing retarded” as everyone else, if I want (probably even more).

(Pliscin-7) #10


yeah agree one that one

(Pliscin-7) #11


yeah agree on that one

(edxot) #12

Fake news report:

After the war on drugs and the war on terror, the war on edxot seems to have no end.
As previously reported, this war started after allegations of weapons of mass lag, and also of mass disconnection.

The coalition fighters have currently take refuge in the city of TAW. All the world is holding his breath, as this may be the last hope for despotism.

Official reports declare edxot to be heavily engaged in this war. However non-official sources state he’s taking a vacation, while others say he never stopped the war on noobs.

(edxot) #13

OK, I already said this, but it looks like nobody got it.

When lili boys are playing on TAW server … drum roll …

Just a tip for those interested in these kind of things.
Meaning, you just have to wait until DrJekyll is in TAW server, and ETQW becomes like we once knew it, in every other server.

(picklesuit) #14

Any chance of me getting back in? PW was changed and never got another. It’s me, the old guy with high ping. :smiley:
someone please add me…just have dissected R who found me so far…

(edxot) #15

This is getting better than ever.
Please insert your password to play with bots.

(DarkangelUK) #16

Yeah this one isn’t really going to make much progress either, closing thread and please keep personal insults (comments or thread creation) to yourselves.