Dreiss AR overpowered ?

(Eox) #1

So, I just finished a game on Chapel where I picked up Arty, just to try that Obsidian Loadout card. I wasn’t a great fan of Arty, until I discovered that thingy. It’s a carbine, I love carbines ! I tried him a bit and… Well. I managed to roll on five guys in a row with it. Love the weapon but heck it hits like a truck shipping trucks ! I hope it’s just me that is very good with Carbines because at the moment it seemed to deal craptons of damage.

So fine or not fine ? I need to make a damage test on it.

(Reddeadcap) #2

You must be doing really great, I’ve never liked it how it felt at all, most other people say they dislike it aswell.

(Eox) #3

Heh, maybe I was lucky also. :stuck_out_tongue:

(einstyle) #4

only thing I like about Arty is the Dreiss
I’m happy it received it’s needed buff, but I’m not sure if it’s already in the right place, might have to do some more matches to determine that
(I would have loved some hipfiring improvments tho B))

(GildedDark) #5

From just a few matches with arty’s dreiss i can really tell a difference from what it was previously and i like it much more now than what i did

(Occult) #6

the buff helped a lot, i don’t feel like im shooting as many blanks now.

(adeto) #7

It’s a great rifle if you like using ADS. Personally don’t even have ADS binded, that’s how much I don’t use it xD

(distinquishedSandwich) #8

It’s the only weapon that matters, pre-“buff” it had the same rate of fire that it got buffed back with recently, so it’s always been a decent gun, the 1 damage more from 24 made it possible to double headshot kill 100 hp classes!

Let’s be honest, no one likes Arty, expect the few dedicated bastards who puts in time and then suddenly becomes dangerous with the semi automatic AR Dreiss.

The Battle rifle? HAH
The Aug? More like the worst burst gun
The AR Dreiss? Pew pew marksmanship!

(Szakalot) #9

battle rifle is awesome : you can snipe IS or use it ad no scope shotgun. really sucks at midrange though

(Eox) #10

Small question. Does “spamming” the shots hinders precision ? I see my crosshair doing “jumps” if I spam my shots, so I don’t know if at long range I should time my shots or if I can go crazy.

(Szakalot) #11

there are some bugs with animation. each shot gives you slight recoil, sometimes two shots come out at once giving twice as much recoil.

Same thing happens to the PDP sniper

(watsyurdeal) #12

Dreiss op?

Hardly, if anything, I feel the gun’s role isn’t really signified very well here in the game.

The way I see it, the gun should get a damage buff and a RoF nerf. 30 damage instead of 25 will be AMAZING for this gun, that and I don’t understand why the gun needs to kick so much while iron sighting. It’s clearly a battle rifle, there’s no denying that, so hipfire doesn’t need to be amazing, but iron sighting and mid to long range combat is where this gun should shine.

(chickenNwaffles) #13

The gun is still pretty bad imo, why use it over fragger’s mg, the ak, m4, or any rifle really? Spamming bullets overtime makes the gun’s spread get worse – a dumb mechanic that inhibits it’s effectiveness the most – and it only accurate while ads. I’d rather have this gun do a bit less dmg and be a laser beam. That would make the gun feel more rewarding and fun.

(Szakalot) #14

30 base damage would work too, thats 2 HS to take out any medium.

‘why use it over fragger’ applies to every class atm. : P

(god1) #15

But Skyhammer’s default already fills that spot.

(CCP115) #16

I don’t understand what the devs wanted, Skyhammer has hands down the best rifle in the history of shooty guns, while Arty? He got the toy gun that runs on coal.

(watsyurdeal) #17

Arty’s gun needs to be a battle rifle, it doesn’t need a fast rate of fire, it needs stopping power.

(GregHouseMD) #18

After using it for a few matches ( I’m apparently one of the suckers who loves Arty’s precision artillery ), I . . . find myself almost agreeing. I really feel like my efforts to get better at aiming ( as opposed to holding down LMB and going AHHHHHH ) pay off with that gun. I’ve had some fine moments with it.

(CCP115) #19

It’s still a terrible gun.

(Viquel) #20

only by comparison because others are so much better :disappointed: