Draw HP of last player killed me not in chat

(KygoHereForYou) #1

Hello. When I’m being killed by some player, in chat area I see “ETPlayer had 30 HP left”. But I turned off my chat. How can I make ET telling me him HP into “center popup box” or somewhere instead of chat area?

(Nerwitz) #2

Multiple scripts work like this that display different player data. Unfortunately I don’t use scripts other than the class selector one, thanks to a player who set it for me (thanks Rogan bro).

Search around any user configs if you know a player that uses a heavy load of scripts or go with google, dunno you can set up your own if we take it you never done this.

(ryven) #3

The remaining attacker’s hp is usually printed by lua scripts, which runs and configured on the server side. Server admins explicitly allowed to select a place of printing, and usually you can’t adjust these printings by yourself.