Downtown [WIP]

(Chronicler) #21

[QUOTE=.Chris.;521004]Hey, the maps I worked on are as follows:

Maridia CTF
Retake of the Forums
Wake Island

I also helped out on the Tribal Wars mod with their maps.

Good luck with your project.[/QUOTE]

I’ve always wondered what the difference is between Maridia and Maridia CTF, I found CTF in our files but I’ve never been able to load it I think.

(.Chris.) #22

It’s a much smaller CTF style map using a similar theme, first to capture three ‘flags’ wins.

(taw_m0nsta) #23

Any time soon for a pre pre alpha test? :armadillochase:

(vonbeck1) #24

yes loving the looks of this,:oppressor: and i must say your other maps are brilliant

(.Chris.) #25

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sadly progress has been very slow. Most of my free time at the moment has been taken up by uni work, only 1 more semester left though so hopefully will get more time after that is done (I study part time whilst working full time), assuming people are still playing by then :slight_smile:

(edxot) #26

lol, this looks very much like what i was suggesting in the other thread. didn’t notice it had been done already.

(.Chris.) #27

Because working in WW2 theme all the time can be boring here’s some progress:

(taw_m0nsta) #28

The water tower feels a bit out of time (old fashion) next to the nice modern skyline, maybe it place the watertower a bit more the poor side of the neighborhood in the map? Would be fun if I could play around with an skybox+atmosphere by myself. I guess if you wanna keep it this dark the town needs a lot more city lights. Very nice to see an update on this! :smiley:

(.Chris.) #29

Water towers are found everywhere in cities like newyork, I have a fair few of them in this map, the building it is on is an old building so does belong there imo, it is the only one in that area though, the rest are indeed in the older areas (to the left of the screenshot).

The screenshots come out a lot darker than in game, I’m going to keep this darkness for when it’s ready for testing, the first part of the map has some street lighting as it’s not been effected by the invasion as much as other areas. Also the vehicles have head lights enabled.

(taw_m0nsta) #30

Status poke! Whats up…? :)))

(.Chris.) #31

I’m knee deep in my Masters at the moment and getting married next year so not really got much energy for mapping or modding either (WolfMP).

(Nail) #32

congratulations on both

good on you lad

(Chronicler) #33

Congratz on marriage Chris.

I hope your wife will be able to support you while you make Quake Wars maps all day.

(edxot) #34