Do you play execution

(BananaSlug) #1

simple question

(XavienX) #2

IMO, Overground is WAAAYYY better than Market because it’s not as small and as clusterfucky and also you can snipe in Overground.

(SzGamer227) #3

It’s not a bad game mode, but I usually default to playing Stopwatch, so yeah. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(Xan) #4

play for mission if im broke or else i dont play it

(LifeupOmega) #5

Why bother? It’s a shallow CS clone that doesn’t fit DB’s pace.

(SamillWong) #6

I don’t even like this gamemode, I do it for the 500 creds :smiley:

(TheVulpesFox) #7

I hate execution but 500 credits is worth joining a nearly ending match for.
Every time I see a daily mission play 20 or 20 rounds, I can’t bring myself to do it.

(Tenebris) #8

I’ll join if a friend is playing but we usually only stay for the 500 credits (or if a mission is 750 or 1k credits for playing)

(blonk) #9

It badly needs an infusion of new maps, I’m bored to tears with overground and market.

(gloomyRequirement) #10

It’s easily the most balanced gamemode and doesn’t feel as much lemmings kamikaze as the rest of Dirty bomb. I like it, but it has too few maps.

(solace_) #11

I like this gamemode, that does not mean that it is balanced or even a finished product. I would say it needs at least 2 more maps to make it a finished product, and also it needs the sides on each maps to balanced for attackers and defenders.

There are two many choke point areas which encourages spam of fire support mercs. Im not saying its terrible, it just needs a bit of work. and maps. maps above all.

(FalC_16) #12

daily bonus only…search for game 13/14, praise RNGesus and hope for score 6:1. Result profit 500c in like 2 minutes.

(RedBeard) #13

AHAHAHAHAH You should be looking for even number servers.

(pinny0101) #14

This game mode is great. It would be better if it had more maps, but it is much more balanced than the other 2 modes. A lot of people don’t play it because it’s a lot like csgo, which it is, it’s the exact same game concept, but it works a lot better than csgo with dirty bombs combat system and stuff.

(Tayski) #15

It’s a crappy game mode compared to the amazing stopwatch we have. If I want to play something like execution I’ll just jump onto CS:GO or Call of Duty. Execution is a waste of time and space in Dirty Bomb and it takes resources away from our developers who could be working on more important matters such as more new maps for stopwatch.

(SaulWolfden) #16

More I tolerate it than anything, it’s better than Stopwatch for me, but that’s hardly saying much given how bad most of the games I play in that are. I primarily play my favorite gamemode Objective.

(CyberVonCyberus) #17

personnaly i find execution too extreme for my likings i’m more of a casual scrub

(kopyright) #18

Most of my clan mates and I skip it whenever it comes up, and if we play some rounds as we did yesterday DB decides that when we are 4:1 behind a newly joined player should of course be put on the enemy team because apparently we weren’t losing hard enough already.

(Chilled Sanity) #19

I love getting batista bombed by shotgun proxies that travel at mach 10

(john_howard) #20

Whats not to like? You make easy credits and it scratches the CS:GO itch (a little better in fact because you can medic). It’s also likely to appeal to the CS:GO crowd who would otherwise not play at all.
There is literally nothing bad about the idea of this mode.